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Airplane Accidents

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This is an argument paper that highlights on the common causes of Airplane accidents today, at the same time provide the reader with the prevention measures and precautions of these accidents, as a way of reducing the numbers of people who lose their lives or injuries as a result of airplane accidents related.

Aviation accidents are considered to be the most fatal accidents that a Passenger will encounter in life; since many contribute to too many fatal deaths. The causes of the Airplane accidents are varied ranging from human error or natural causes.

For human errors airplane accidents, is where an airplane accident occurs as a result of human errors; this may occur before a plane takes off or when the plane is in the air. These include errors like Pilot Errors, Malfunction Equipments, Tower Error, Preflight Accidents, Pilot Intoxication, And Wrong Fuel Usage, Inadequate or Misunderstood Instructions, amongst other errors. This is as results of the failure of engineers to inspect the plane and determine its fitness to fly.

Natural airplane accidents are considered to occur as a result of natural predicaments that occur when the plane is on the air; they include incidents like The Inclement Weather, Lightening, Snow, Fog, Hurricanes, Rain, Winds And Wind Shear Amongst Others.

As indicated earlier accidents can be prevented, only if the concerned parties take the necessary precautions and full responsibilities in reducing the possibilities of the incidents from occurring.  

The proper following of instructions by the pilot will ensure that the instructions are followed to the letter by the pilots; this will result to the passengers being safe. The other reason is the need for through maintenance and checkups on the planes before they are released for flights; the checkups will ensure that the planes are in good condition thus reducing the chances of crashing as a result of mechanical failure.

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