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Conception of Loyality

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The loyality of the employees and whistle blowing are two important needs of any business organization. The importance of whistle blowing is where the managers are informed as soon as possible when an individual is making a decision bound to be harmful to the smooth running of the organization. This paper discusses therefore looks at Duskas’ argument on loyality and the notions that whistle blowing is in fact an act that shows that the employee is loyal to the organization.


Duska argues that being loyal to ones employers is an act of accidence as organizations are never in direct need of loyality but get it through whistle blowing which is an obligation. A whistle blower acts in the interest of the organization; whistle blowing is part of an employee’s obligation to those around and those around him to prevent a bad occurrences. Duska further says that loyality comes out of an individual employee’s act of elf sacrifice without them having to expect a incentive in return.

However, loyality being a form of a vow or an oath one swears when they take office, or equivalently the contract of service one signs when he gets to work so as to serve in the interest of the organization, we can confidently argue that loyality is indeed an obligation one has. Now, the actual fact that the ‘loyality’ clause is present in the employment document reveals that business organizations are indeed in need of loyality.

And so they both depend on each other in such a way that the organization shows its loyality to its employee in a way that it achieves its strategic plans and future long term goals through them and the employees show the loyality to their organizations in a way that helps it succeed. Here therefore we get to understand that the need of loyality to an organization is not in its physical image but embedded in it in manner that it’s important to help it achieve its mission and strategic plans. Duska also pointed out the incompatibility between loyality and whistle blowing stating that the later is done only to the society on which the harm may affect. In effect, they would all be compatible in that they are all acted out of self consciousness but in the interest of both the organization and the community at large.

In conclusion, we can state that  a loyal employee and a loyal employer can meet in the middle if they all go through a training process that will allow them achieve their goals in a manner that shows a coexistence of need. Secondly, through whistle blowing, an employee that informs the management whenever a strategic plan is breached is in fact showing an act of integrity as this reduce the risk of things going wrong.

A good example is an employee of a building company A who in the act of loyality blows a whistle of a corrupt deal that involves the purchase of substandard building materials from a supplier in company B by their project manager. Such an action not only shows loyality but also integrity in a way that this employee puts his company interest first and personal interests later. To the benefit of company A and other of its kind, it proves a greater point to have whistle blowing institutionalized.

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