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Education Budget and Disciplinary Action

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Question 1:  The CFO at your hospital is threatening to cut your education budget. Develop an argument for keeping as much of this money in your budget as possible. How would you go about attempting to measure the results and benefits of education in your department?

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Answer: education is a never ending process; people are always in a learning process. However, there are some organizations don’t want to waste time and money over the education, training classes etc. But in the advanced generation it is very important for the medical professional to learn continuously. Several times it has been seen that patients are complaining about wrong treatment and bad service and many time these patients have dragged them to the court also. The reason behind these factors is the lack of education about the treatment.

Unknown diseases are showing their faces very often in the hospitals, now if the hospital employees don’t know about it then how they are going to tackle the situation and this is the reason for the betterment of the hospital the education is required. This education budget is a small budget but, it will fetch great amount of profit and success for the hospital in the future. Then why not spending for the education? It is very strait cut that hospital employees must get the continuous education to fight against unknown diseases (Kellnhauser, 2003, p. 66) and to nourish the level of services.

Question 2: What are the steps that should be taken when following progressive disciplinary action?

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There are some steps must be followed to put a strong statement about the proposal and they are, the SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) analysis about the proposed issue. The effect of the low educated employees about the new diseases and better services, the list of cases where the consumers have dragged the hospital to the court for wrong treatment, the benefit-cost ration to show the future profit out of the project, the proposed budget for the first quarter, and an ad-hoc project for one week. These are the steps must be followed with raw data to convince the CFO.

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