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Humanity in the Society

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This paper is going to highlight on the notion of Mr. Albert Einstein, which emphasized on the need for improved humanity in the society that we live in today. In this case Mr. Einstein stressed that the universe that we live in is full of different human beings that have a time and space limit. This means that the humans in the world today are in the universe today just for a specific time and they will leave the world for another generation.

Albert Einstein argues that the humans in the world today are the most responsible people who have the ability of changing all the social injustices that are been experienced in the world today and create an atmosphere that is full of peace and harmony as compared to the current situation. This is where the individuals are full of hatred amongst themselves to the extent of warring, segregation and attacking each other (Fölsing, p.13). He further went to the point of claming that’s in order for the peaceful co- existence to be experienced in the world today; all humans in the universe should work hand in hand in order to ensure that there is the peaceful relationship between these individuals.

This will be by the human beings who are from different races, cultures, religious groups, continents amongst other social backgrounds joining hands and sympathizing with each other. In addition they must consider what they are doing to the fellow individuals as fair and ethically accepted. In that case this will result to a very peaceful world that is full of love and harmony as explained by Mr.  Einstein (Parker, p.20); when he stated that the answer of a peaceful society that is full of love lies basically on us; this is when we practice compassion and understanding amongst one another. This will automatically result to an improved co – existence amongst the worlds occupants.           

Thesis statement

I highly tend agree with the sentiments of “Mr. Albert Einstein” when he stated that the individuals that are living in the universe today are basically the ones that are sorely responsible in ensuring change in the vices that are being experienced from the ways in which individuals operate or conduct their activities and the ways of interacting with each other. I highly accept his ideas when he stated that the change in the universe is basically placed on the hands of the present occupants who are living in the world at the moment and any of their contributions in the improving of the world will highly be of great help to the future generation if not helping them achieve their intended mission.

Main argument

Albert Einstein is highly regarded as a physician and in that case he has been rewarded for being the most outstanding physician of all time; this is through a number of inventions that he instigated during his living time as he played as leading role in the field of physics and science. He is also known to have positive contribution in the social field; this is when he stated that the actions of an individual will play a significant role in changing the living culture of an individual in a society. This is when he stated that the human beings are the ones who can change the setting that they are in; this is when a person will be able to change the ways of living in a society (Pais, p.35). This is immediately someone tries and understands the culture and practices of the other people in the community and this will ensure that they are in the position of relating well with each other and thus ensuring that there is a peaceful stay in the universe. Consequently, they provide equal and peaceful stay in the world.                     

There are several scholars who have supported Albert Einstein’s arguments and claimed that his statements are of great importance in the society. They are in order for the society we are living in today to be peaceful and friendly and the individuals should be the ones who hold the leading role in understanding one another and as a result they will learns to respect one another. Thus, this will result to the individuals respecting each other and consequently making the world more peaceful and interactive as a result of the people understanding each other.

Martin Luther King JR. in his Letter from Birmingham Jail John Rawls claimed that the world would be safer as compared to the way it was at the moment; this is because of the lack of understanding amongst the worlds’ occupants (King, para.3). In this letter Martin Luther King JR. was stressing the need for the whites in America to acknowledge the Black Americans in the society and as a result of this the Whites should accord the blacks with the respect they deserve. This was in order to ensure that was a peaceful coexistence in the universe as one section of the community will not feel that they are being oppressed by the other section of the society.

The letter was a reaction as the result of statement by eight white Alabama clergymen who agreed that the need for settling the battle against racial segregation and they agreed that social segregation exists and it should be fought solely in the courts and not in the streets as was the case. This was a clear measure that aimed at restoring social justice as the whites realized that’s there are cases of social injustice in the world today as a form of racial segregation and they are working towards providing fair treatment on the Black Americans (King, para.5).  

Henry David Thoreau is also believed to have the same sentiments as the ones of Albert Einstein that emphasized on the need for the universe occupants to indulge in activities that are aimed at improving their livelihood for the better and not the other way round. This is from his essay titled “Civil Disobedience” in the essay he was advising the American citizens not to allow the government to make decisions that will expose them to more harm in the future. He instead asked them to be in-charge of every action; instead of letting the government make the decision on their behalf (McElroy, para.3). Thoreau’s essay tends to agree with the sentiments of Mr. Einstein who was asking each and every individuals that they are the once who will transform the world for the better and not the other way round. Thus he advised the people to take their own responsibility in transforming the world and not leave the government or any other person to change the world.

Ruth Fulton Benedict is also well noted for her works that tend to restore the world into becoming a peaceful place to line in this is from her work titled “Self-Reliance”. In her work she stressed on the need of the people to understand each others cultures and cultural differences as this is the only way in which the people will be able to live in the world more peacefully and harmoniously (Hochman, para.4). In her works she emphasized in the sturdy understanding of the other individuals cultural practices. This would not only boost the understanding amongst them but it will improve the interaction and communications amongst these individuals with diverse cultural practices (Fölsing, p.14). Thus making it easy to exchange ideas and thus reducing cases of conflict and commotion amongst themselves; thus ensuring that there is freedom amongst the other.

Ruth Fulton Benedict works were compared to Mr. Einstein works as they all advocated for understanding in order to ensure that there is some understanding of the other individuals in order to ensure that there peaceful co-existence amongst the people. This was for the better of the future generation and also for themselves (Hochman, par 7).

In conclusion Mr. Einstein passage aimed at restoring the world to be peaceful again this is because of the increased cases of wars and conflicts that were resulted from human conflicts (Pais, p.37).  In his works he stated very well that each individual has a time limit in the world today and with the time limit it has been stated that the world can be totally peaceful if people living in the world would free themselves from this prison. Therefore they should try to understand the others that live around them and also put themselves in their shoes in case of any problem. they should also help one another and ensure that they sympathize with them incase of any shortcoming that has befell them thus making the world  a better place to live in.

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