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Illegal Immigrants

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This paper will argue that despite the cheap labor force that the illegal immigrants pump into the economy, and the fact that most of them end up in The USA as a result of inefficient immigration systems and porous borders, illegal immigrants cause more harm than good to the nation.


Illegal immigrants are persons who gain access to a country by either violating the rules of entry to that country or extending their stay beyond the allowed time. Every nation has a mandate to ensure the security of its citizens is upheld. One of the ways of doing so is by ensuring that anybody coming to the nation is vetted and they do not have ulterior motives.

Owing to its stable economy, peaceful and stable government and good living conditions for its citizens, the United States of America is an inviting target for immigrants, most of which do not meet the requirements to get into the country legally. (Edmonston and Smith, 2003)

It is estimated that there are over 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States of America ( US government accountability Office 2006).The numbers increase every year with an estimated 8% of all new born babies born out of one or both illegal immigrant parents. (Burlington, 2010)

These growing numbers increase put a strain on the national economy and infrastructure to be shared with Americans. Yet most Americans feel that their Government does not do enough to mitigate and reduce the number of illegal immigrants. A majority of Americans questioned in a CNN poll felt that the police should arrest illegal immigrants that they encounter whether they have broken the law or not. (, 2007)

Surprisingly there is a widely accepted notion that illegal immigrants do more good than harm collectively, since they are hard workers and offer cheap labor they should be “forgiven” and all owed to stay in the country. In fact some states and cities have gone ahead and offered incentives to aliens. In some states the Police is cannot randomly ask a person to produce identification documents to prove they are not illegal immigrants. (San Francisco Mayor, 2008)

Most of Americans feel that illegal immigrants usually take the jobs they (Americans) don’t want; their effect on the economy cannot be ignored. First, their ever growing numbers directly compete with unemployed Americans for employment. Beyond employment illegal immigrants use social amenities line up for social welfare and yet they do not pay taxes.

The relief caused by the immigrants is countered by the overall effect they cause on the economy. This situation is worsened by the fact that the little the aliens make in the foreign country is taken back home. Mexico is one country whose nationals form a large majority of illegal immigrants in the United States. This part of their populace which gets there looking for jobs, and joining loved ones already in there legally or illegally, send a huge part of their earnings back home.

These moneys accumulate to so much such by two year 2003; they amounted to the largest form of foreign income for the country, much more than tourism or oil imports.

When the immigration systems fail to prevent unwanted elements from getting into a country, the consequences can be catastrophic. For instance three of the executors of the September 11 terrorist attacks on The United States, had gained access legally and had letters from The Us Government allowing them to be in the country.

Besides huge impact terrorism attacks the effects of illegal immigrants continue to be felt in many other circles in the country.  Drug cartels in Mexico for example manage to supply and maintain a large market in The United states by smuggling it through aliens. It’s through these illegal immigrants that drug barons have gone to the extent of having marijuana planted in some of the national forests. (Webb, 2009).

The failure to effectively stamp out illegal immigration affects both the country of origin of the immigrants and the target country. The robust drug cartels in Mexico have grown to be so powerful that in some areas they control and influence government. These cartels cannot be successful without an “export market” for their merchandise, a market whose success is largely dependent on illegal immigrants.


Illegal immigrants are contributing to many of a countries problems like crime, economic strain, and negative social influence. This paper has illustrated the problems that crop from increased unlawful immigrants and the need to stem the problem some of the effects caused.

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