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Journal Argument and Persuasion

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To whom it may concern

This is to inform that the Black History Month (BHM) occurs annually in America in commemoration of the marginalized African Americans who feels dissatisfied. This is with the kind of domination, racism, and unworthy attention granted to them by their own government. I am in agreement with Malveaux’s column, and according to his essay, I strongly support the fact that groups, which includes Hispanics and Asians enjoys less presentation in the America’s history books, media, and public institutions. Concurrently, the mistreatment of the black American started ages ago and is still going on just as depicted. Since the illustration of life and history of the African Americans elicits limited focus in the dailies and the broadcasting media, the essence of celebrating the BHM is paramount (Georgette 2007).

The conversation held by the women in the column is important as it elucidates the rationale as to why the black Americans have to air their grievances and dissatisfaction. The argument that what separates Americans is class but not racism was irrational (Knowles & Linn, 2004). Discrimination is institutional, not a personal incident. There may be black American icons who are rich and leads good life like Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and Condoleezza Rice but the fact is that most of the blacks are discriminated and languish in poverty. The disparities amid the whites and African Americans in terms of income, unemployment rate, and home ownership are astoundingly dissimilar. The government is less concerned with training and creating jobs for the unemployed of which the bigger number is young black youths. This is ridiculous as the government reduces its budget for youth training but further hikes the one for defense significantly (Bergen, 2010).

Many whites possess their respective homes than blacks. The gap is a function of redlining and restrictive lending policies, which is similar to the ancient racist covenants used before. The commemoration of Black History Month is because of its importance in recognizing the many contributions the blacks made to their nation even though the country still fails to acknowledge the black history. As racism still skyrockets, Hispanics and Asians do fall victims while whites enjoy better share of the resources.

Yours sincerely

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