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Math in a Restaurant

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Restaurant is a business that is involved in selling of food, beverages and renting out of rooms to the clients. Being like any other business it requires mathematics in the planning about the inputs and setting prices so as to get profits which is the goal of establishing the business.


Mathematics is necessary in the purchasing process in the following ways. First, the restaurant operators have to prepare a budget that they should use in purchasing of the raw materials that are used in the preparation of foods, beverages to be sold, cleaning detergents and the labour cost. They should also take stock daily to determine the type and the quantity of the commodity to add, this requires maths. Also they should put into consideration setting apart some money for repair and mentainance of the restaurant and the equipments. They cannot do this without the knowledge of mathematics since budgeting and stock taking in the purchasing process is not a guess work but require serious calculations, putting into consideration the effect of the inflation and changing in the prices of the input.

The restaurant operators should also use the knowledge of mathematics in putting into consideration the cost of the fuel used in the preparation of the meals, lighting and entertaining the clients through the electronics. Without the knowledge of mathematics they can end up incurring losses. In the part of lodgings, they should calculate the cost of mentainance of the rooms and also providing the toiletries and the beddings in comparison with the amount they charge for the rooms. The amount of money that is spent in payment of the electricity that is used in these rooms by the clients maybe through warming of water, entertainment, lighting and ironing should be considered and involved in purchasing process so as not to run into losses.

In determining the amount to be charged on different types of dishes and drinks, that is costing out menus will seriously require the knowledge of mathematics. This is through putting into consideration the fact that the restaurant business has competitors who try to outdo each other by attracting customers through; setting the prices in the menu and determining different combinations of dishes and drinks. People have different tastes so the combinations of the dishes and drinks in the menu will determine what a client will choose.

For the competitors to have the comparative advantage, need to calculate in order to ensure they do not incur unnecessary losses. For the restaurant operators who offer half board and full board, that is the ones that offer rooms together meals require to calculate. Without knowledge of mathematics they may be tempted to compete with other competitors who offer rooms alone without considering the cost of preparation of meals. This would lead to losses and eventually the business may close. Thus the knowledge of mathematics is very essential in determining the amount to charge the clients so as to maintain profits in the restaurant.

Recipe, being the constituents of the meals prepared in the restaurants, has the greater impact in determining of the amount of the profits that the operators of restaurants will make. For instance preparations of different dishes require different methods of preparation and different inputs, so the restaurant operators require the knowledge of mathematics so as to determine the types of inputs to be used in the recipe. That is, they have to use inputs of high quality which are cheap so as to reduce the cost of preparation to have a good competitive edge by their meals, maintaining the quality and being affordable. Without the knowledge of mathematics the restaurant operators would be unable to prepare the right recipe that would be beneficial to the restaurant business that is in maximizing profits at a lower cost and high quality.

In the determining of the prices of different dishes you put into consideration different factors. this include the cost of preparation of meals valuing in the laborers, and the prices set by the competitors since without considering the competitors would lead to loss of clients. The knowledge of mathematics is essential in determining the prices of the dishes to ensure the restaurant doe not incur loses and wastage of foods. The prices at which the dishes will be sold at are determined through calculations not to get loyalty of the clients, but to make profits and also satisfy the needs of the clients. Operators without the knowledge of mathematics would consider pleasing the clients rather than considering the amount that they are gaining from the restaurant business.


To conclude, as per the above arguments it is very clear that a restaurant business cannot do without the knowledge of mathematics, this is because they require to budget and also to determine the amount to be used in the purchase of inputs. Furthermore it is necessary for the operators to have the knowledge of mathematics to ensure that they operate in a business that is profitable.

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