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Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery is a therapeutic area of expertise involved with rectification or renovation of appearance and purpose. Even though beauty and artistic surgery is a famous form of plastic surgery, a lot of plastic surgeries are not beauty: plastic surgery involves various forms of reconstructive surgery, micro surgery, and hand surgery and management of burns. Writers have reacted differently to this issue; some have in support of it and others have been argued against it.

Similarities of the two types of arguments

Both articles argue that plastic surgery could bring possible serious emotional and social effects due to the raised attention those who undertake the operation experience from the society. Plastic surgery tends not to alter the lives of people who undertake it, their problems and their relationships (Natalie, 2009).

Secondly, both articles argue that plastic surgery has some health dangers on those who undertake it. People lose their live and others experience long term disfigurement. Similarly, they both argue that plastic surgery results might sometimes not work out according to the client’s expectations and they can be frightened or even disturbed (Natalie, 2009).


The third paragraph says that plastic surgery offers benefits to those who undertake it; the forth paragraph on the other hand argues that there are health risks associated with plastic surgery. This is information is completely misleading and confusing at the same time (Natalie, 2009).


The writers argue that plastic surgery has health risks and patients die and others get disfigured. This is entirely an assumption as the writers have not presented any statistics concerning the victims who die or get disfigured as a result of plastic surgery (Natalie, 2009).

Contrast of the two types of arguments

The first article argues that patients who undertake plastic surgery might never be happy as they feel like they need more changes in their body. On the other hand, the second article argues that plastic surgeries improve the health and quality of life of the patient (Natalie, 2009).


There is confusion in both articles because on one paragraph the writers feel that patients get addicted to cosmetic surgeries while another paragraph explains that there are number of people who would not ever want to repeat the surgery again (Natalie, 2009).


The writers argue that there are many cases of addiction to cosmetic surgery, this is an assumption because the writer has not presented any prove of those that are addicted (Natalie, 2009).


All together, the major subject of both essays was plastic surgery and the writers laid out argumentative essays properly. Nevertheless, there were only some strengths and weaknesses as discussed earlier. The strength of essay one is that the writer has used a factual approach to his/her views. On the other hand, the writer in essay two used a more theoretical approach, keeping this in view, I believe that essay one is the strongest since it is more practical.

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