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Reality TV: Audiences and Popular Factual Television

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The book ‘Reality TV’ by Annette Hill looks into the objectives of creating reality television. The quest for information and learning by the audience of reality TV is what surrounds the author’s intention of writing the book. Hill looks into shows like the teen Big Brother, the American idol among others but lays a focus mainly on the reality TV in UK; commission through 4 learning and an educational wing of the 4th channel in the United Kingdom. The source gives an account of an experiment in the genre of reality. It is the author’s sole funding that has led to the writing and publication of the source. It is more inclined to the social spectrum and the impact it has on the society based on the values expressed. It carefully analysis perceptions held concerning the makers of Reality TV shows. The history of the source is focused on the start and development of reality TV shows touching on ancient America and the United Kingdom. It targets the makers of reality TV and the audience in assessing the impact of the shows on both sides; the makers and audience.

            In some way, the author lays a platform of research and discussion on whether the makers of Reality TV are exploiting the lives of real viewers just because of entertainment. The author begins by showing how she is a fan of some Reality TV shows although selective on what to watch. Again, she says that even after publishing the book, she will still watch Reality TV. She further raises questions and tries to expound on the issue of documentaries to provide truth and understanding through their programmed ethics. This source provides a wide-ranging, contemporary, international examination into the area of factual and reality entertainment. It further combines theoretical, aesthetic, empirical and historical approaches of Reality TV in presenting useful facts and information concerning them.

            The author’s approaches as mentioned above present a valid source which could make the article useful in studying the topic of Reality TV shows and the values expressed in it. The author offers a sustained examination into the interests of the public and ethical issues for towards proving that concepts are important to comprehending the development of Reality TV shows. The contemporary rate of growth realized in the ‘real TV’ is thought to have led to international contest concerning the influence and function of reality TV shows on mass media and audiences. Hill has offers a timely reflection of the Real TV on the development of the shows for entertainment and the increasing attraction to the audiences and the general mass. The source shows how the development has increasingly become problematic.

            Well, this source is indeed a good one although might be faced with one challenge. The author is very selective on the kind of reality TV show to watch. She is more interested in the shows involving animals and not when they are used to portray violent actions. Based on this, the author’s inclination and preference could be limited in providing a general view and the facts on the ground concerning Reality TV. All the same, this work done by Hill is a very good introduction and platform for a research into the filed of real TV. Definitely, I would use it to support my college essay topic on “The values portrayed on Reality TV shows.” It is thus a credible source that draws experience from a personal experience and varied application.

Topic: The values portrayed on Reality TV shows

            Reality TV shows are becoming extensive with the daybreak of each and every day. We are living in a universal world where information is very important. The world of expertise coupled with technology has offered the whole human race to our proximity very close to our feet through a simple button click.  People in many and different parts of the world are now surrounded by implicit environments together with reality TV. The question still remains whether what we are encountering and having contact with has taken us to a position where our reality is fully distorted. We are living in a world where we are surrounded by the media showing good looking men, air brushed woman creatures, ideal families and so on. This is too much in our faces that people could begin to think it is the way they are supposed to be and act; a manner in which we please. This essay seeks to argue that the difference between life and real life is imprecise and all reality sense and value is lost as shown by the media in Reality TV shows.

Reality TV is a moderately emerging fashion that took the world of television by tempest. The audience in its own comfort seemingly is not getting tired of the temptation, embarrassment and torture and most important of all the drama each and every day where individuals are being offered perfect settings and an absolute manipulation for them to see in the television. Even though reality TV is a new trend somehow, it has exhibited huge growth and it looks like a more offensive reality show is in the making or is being aired the next day. The society is plagued with pictures of horror and gruesome stories containing violence each and every day. We would wonder whether the participants in the Teen Big Brother would behave in a similar manner as when they are out of camera. There is therefore much communication needed to highlight the impact of the values portrayed in reality TV shows to the masses. This is all that is shown in most entertainment TV programs.

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