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Reducing Crime in our Neighborhood

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Crime can be defined as a breach of rules or laws which are governing a particular authority through its legal systems; crime is punishable by law which can prescribe for conviction. Individual human societies define crime differently, at different time stages in different localities. Thus, it should be noted that crime violates the law. This paper is going to look at how or rather prove how neglected sanctions or how these sanctions can be insufficient to establish a desired social order, a government or a state. The paper will therefore concentrate on reducing crime in our neighborhoods through community empowerment, environmental designs and early childhood education.

Community empowerment

Community empowerment ranges from helping improve services of the community to running facilities thus affecting key decision making tools like the budget and other regeneration plans. It therefore implies the involvement, participation and engagement of the community at large, the process as a whole involves re-negotiating power in order to gain control. It addresses the social, cultural, political and economic those are determinants in the building of all the sectors. The point here is very simple and that is all these sectors require partnership hence focus on the conceptual and practical issues so as to build and empower the communities.


Specializes in crime prevention through environmental designs also known as CPTED training mainly based on crime prevention. These training argue that there are particular reasons why crime happens in a particular thus proper planning through proper environmental design and effective use of a built environment will apparently contribute to crime control meaning that the environment contributes to the crime rate. The training anticipates at studying and determining crime issues so as to generate ways and opportunities to reduce crime.

Early child hood education

Early childhood education is needed in trying to shape up our children; one of the most significant issues towards the resurgence of crime is dropping out of school. The vital or the integral part that lies in the community is by the community identifying the range of all these factors that lead to school dropouts, these includes learning resources and development services for the young.


Crime can be controlled if well taken care of, this should start from the foundation by training children the right morals through education in schools and also educating them on the procedures of the law in case of its violation.


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