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El Gran Astor Tamara Roy

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Astor Piazolla was born on 11th of March 1921. He is a national Argentinean musician and composer of the second half of the XX century. His works have changed a concept of the traditional tango, presenting it in a modern way, which includes jazz and classical music elements. The father of the Nuevo tango style, he is also famous as a master of a Bandon. Often, he performs his works with different musical ensembles. In Argentina, his homeland, he is famous as El Gran Astor.

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Review of the Concert and Emotional Impressions

On 15 May 2014, in the Organ music concert hall Tamara Roy presented her personal creative project. This project was dedicated to the great Argentinean composer Astor Piazolla.

Tamara Roy, who is a laureate of international competitions, has created a cycle of concerts. Together with other musicians, she performs the greatest works of an Argentinean musician genius within them. Under her direction, musicians Olha Shvydka (soprano), Alexander Hosachinskiy (cello), Serhiy Philipovich (contrabass), Andrew Shipunov (guitar), Katrin Bagenova (piano), and Ihor Ryabov (piano) revealed to the audience amazing sounds of sophisticated works. The team for the project was gathered up very skillfully. The performers passed on uniqueness and originality of Astor Piazollas heritage. The combination of talented performers gave a possibility to listeners to feel the original music of Argentina and realize the mood and conditions of each work of Astor Piazolla. An incredible sounding of the guitar by Andrew Shipunov, the sophisticated and sure sounds of the cello by Alexander Hosachinskiy represented a real tango mood in the hall. All this was seasoned by an exact performing of contrabass by Serhiy Philipovich. The elements of jazz that are the innovations in Astor Piazollas woks were presented by skillful pianists Katrin Bagenova and Ihor Ryabov. The delicate soprano of Olha Shvydka filled the evening with an amazing atmosphere of tango by the classical music. European performers gave a unique possibility to the auditorium. It was done to feel the passion and sensuality of Argentina music.

During the concert, musicians were performing the famous and not very well-known works of the composer. One of earlier ones included Nuestro Tiempo, Tango Contempor?neo, Piazzolla En El Regina, and Concerto Para Quinteto. All these works had been created from 1955 to 1971. They represent the beginning of the composers creative way and show the development. In the second part of the concert, such compositions as Libertango, Lo Que Vendr?, Suite Punta Del Este, El Nuevo Tango, and Por Una Cabeza were presented to listeners. These works were written when their creator was on the top of his creativity and sensuality of music. Therefore, he could put into his music the ages of the unique culture of Argentina, adding some notes of the modern world. The compositions of the second part of the concert are the most famous ones and well-known all around the world, going far away beyond the limits of Argentinian borders.

All works were presented on the scene in a chronological order as they had been written by the composer. They helped the audience to observe a developing process of one of the greatest and talented composers and musicians of the previous century. However, the compositions presented different moods and experiences of the author, immersing the auditorium into the enthusiastic jubilation and then to the deep sadness. All these experiences were garbed by irrepressible notes of tango.

While listening to the performance of the highly skilled masters of their work, each member of the audience had an opportunity to observe and enjoy a changeable rhythm of compositions. The individual rhythm of each composition was emphasized by a unique combination of instruments. While contrabass was setting the pace almost in all creations, the sounds of the guitar and cello colored the composition with the bright spectrum of tint. Some traits of elegance were added only in a few compositions. They made the concert easy-to-listen. The variety and order of compositions didnt make people feel tired or overwhelmed. On the contrary, it made them curious and involved in each musical masterpiece, warming up the curiosity of the next performance.

One of the most famous works, the Libertango, has become the favorite one. It is the composition in the Novue Tango style. The name of the work was given from a merger of words Liberty (Libertad from Spanish) and Tango. This work symbolizes the transition of Piazollas music from the classical Tango to the Nuevo Tango style. This composition has been used as a base for different songs, such as Ive Seen that Face before by Grace Johns, Jungle Tango by Jazz Mandolin Project, and Moi Je Suis Tango by Gee Marshan, a French musician. Also, this composition has been used by Roman Polanskiy in his film Frantic. Libertango sounded in another film of the British director Sally Potter Tango Lesson.

Lots of sportsmen of figure skating have used Libertango in their performances, i.e. the Olympic winners Oksana Grishchuk and Evgeniy Platov were among them.

This composition attracts everybody with its energy of an expressive world, an emotional saturation, and a crystal understanding of human soul and feelings. The emotions that you receive while listening Libetango are an ideal perfect sound. They help to see the atmosphere of Buenos Aires. The more time you spend listening to this music, the more it changes you from inside. A spontaneous tango transfers to an ordered and easy-listening melody. Astor Piazollas tango speaks to listeners with sincere emotions of the author. His music is a merger of various styles, but the Libertango is an island you can swim to from different sides: jazz, classical and modern concert music. Piazolla wrote thousands of works, but it is very hard to identify them in a one style. All of them are close to the traditional Argentinian tango.

Another, but not less amazing and famous, composition was performed during the concert and it was Fugata. Fuga from Latin means chase. It is also a musical form, which is the biggest achievement of polyphonic music. Astor Piazolla connected this complicated musical method with Nuevo Tango. Piazolla was not only a master of tango, but also he was a composer-reformer. He was able to destroy old forms. He was a real artist who could correlate his oeuvre with existing musical traditions, which he had rejected. This composition shows an indescribable beauty that leads its listeners through the time and space.

While listening to this composition, all can hear some kind of riot that the author was feeling. It was at the time when he was writing Fugata. He had risen against traditions that had been formed during a long period of time. However, the riot is not severe. It is more as the authors expression of disagreement with the formed situation. He has expressed his opinion in a very emotional and passionate manner that, from the first look, may make people think about rebelliousness of the composer.

The Organization of the Concert

The ensemble under the direction of Tamara Roy consisted of 6 performers. All of them were the laureates of international competitions in Europe.

The project was created by Tamara Roy, including the selection of performers, instruments, the chosen adaptation, and the order of presented compositions. It was very interesting to observe the choice of a manager of this creative project. The adaptations were chosen very carefully. Now there are hundreds of variations of Astor Piazollas compositions.

As it has been mentioned previously, this performance was the fourth concert of the cycle of Astor Piazollas heritage. That is why the most fascinating and famous compositions that could represent the uniqueness of the masters oeuvre were gathered in the last concert. These compositions show in a very colorful and bright way a path of the King of Tango, i.e. the transforming of his idea about how tango should sound. These works are the most representative examples of Astor Piazollas professional and creative way to the excellence of sounding of tango. His works are well-known around the world as well as the composer himself. It is related to the unstoppable desire to break the settled rules in the arena of the modern music.

The skills of performers gave them an opportunity to pass the experience and mood of Astor Piazolla. It was obvious that they were not only highly skilled musicians and singers that everybody could have noticed. They were also talented from their birth and put lots of strength to develop their talents being unique in each performer. They were feeling confident on the stage. This confidence was inherited to listeners. However, they were quite discreet. At the same time, they had managed to pass the necessary emotions to the audience. It was obligatory while listening or performing tango.

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After this concert, the understanding of modern and traditional Argentinian music united in tango has become clearer and more real. Even those who have not been interested in Argentina music were not left indifferent after the concert.

In conclusion, it should be said that the overall impression has done a great influence on the tango perception and made think about the authenticity of personal emotions and experience before giving it away to the audience. The performers imbued into the inner world of the composer. Musicians were capable to transmit this experience fully to their listeners. The amazing works of the young, but talented director and performer Tamara Roy was appreciated by all people present in the hall. It was quite obvious after the end of the concert and after an incredible applauding and cheering.

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