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A Diamond Personality

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A diamond personality depicts an experience of life of Rodriguez rise from a mere staff in a jewelry shop to a renowned businessman with a solid legacy. Rodriguez fought through his life in amidst discouragements that could harm his future, to attain the success he now embraces. His strong personal character has paid out, and in fact in an awesome measure. This is because his success can be attributed to his individual charisma. Rodriguez also scores in the big five dimensions of personality, with a bias towards conscientiousness. His path to success portrays an individual with high core self-evaluation. Rodriguez is a proactive personality as displayed by him seeing opportunities where others cannot.

      Rodriguez personal traits can be accounted to his enviable success. In accordance to the episode, Rodriguez is a risk-taker. Robbins attests that many risk-averse personalities have a well-known history of failure. Rodriguez   was able to stand out despite the discouragements he received from the pros of diamond business. He was willing to take chances and engage in a business that many thought will not bear fruits. Rodriguez is also proactive in nature; this is proved by the fact that he actively took an initiative that was directed towards improving the current form of business. He changed the method mainly used by many to venture into internet business. Therefore, this indicates that Rodriguez‘s success, was not initiated by being in the right place but mainly because of his strong personality. This has also been revealed by those who were interviewed.

      Rodriguez can be measured up by the big five dimensions of personality. He would score in the extraversion category for he has portrayed out assertiveness in making his decisions that propelled his business forward. Also, Rodriguez has shown traits in agreeableness personality by him trusting the ideas of his roommate’s girlfriend who encouraged him to work in jewelry shop. This is the idea that opened doors for his success. It is quite clear that Rodriguez is conscientious by the fact that, he is a goal oriented person who is well organized and is very mindful of details. He purposed to achieve his dreams, even though there were discouragements. Finally, Rodriguez has exhibited openness personality through his imagination and insight. After working in jewelry shop, Rodriguez insightfully decided to move ahead and take a risk to start his own empire.  Rodriguez traits have bias in conscientiousness, which has seen through the efforts he showed while pursuing his dreams. He measures less in neuroticism by the fact that though he was emotionally unstable after the discouragements he quickly picked up.

      In agreement with Ferris, core self-evaluation is regarded as the ratings one gives to himself or the perception one has for himself. The episode shows that Rodriguez was well satisfied by himself. He thought of himself as a successful person when he made a choice to terminate his job at the jewelry shop to start his own business. The trait is also clearly depicted when he was able to stand the discouragements that he received and still made through to success. People with high core self-evaluation are characterized by a successful career growth. This means that rod has core self-evaluation and regards himself as a successful person.

      A proactive person is one who takes advantage of every opportunity to improve his own circumstances and create new initiatives while others will passively react to a situation. Rodriguez proactive personality is unveiled when he decided to venture into internet business. He had earlier received information from a reliable source that he could sell diamonds through the internet. This had an initial impact on his career when he was discouraged but his proactive nature prompted him to be aggressive towards fulfilling his dreams. This happened and he was able to venture into what others thought was bad business. Precisely, he succeeded in selling diamonds through the internet, such that after a few years the business had grown to be a big empire.

      Rodriguez shows an individual with a strong character that has enabled him to achieve what many dreams to have. The personality is characterized by the proactive traits that has enabled him have initiatives that has improved his status. He also measures up in the big five dimensions of personality with a higher degree of conscientiousness. Rodriguez has a high core self-evaluation trait as illustrated in his successful career growth

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