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Allstate Insurance Company

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Using the model for goal setting, evaluate Allstate’s goal setting process to determine whether or not Allstate has an effective goal-setting program.

Allstate Company has been very successful when it comes to using the goal effective program and to achieve this, company   has targeted in providing its employees with guides that enable them to be successful. One of the effective guides offered to employees by Allstate company includes opportunities essential in enabling employee growth within the company  for instance the company encourages feedback from its employees while at same time providing them with training and education to them. To ensure that the program succeeds the company focused on affirmative action as well as the diversity awareness. It was able to achieve this through four basic steps that include the following: succession programming, development, measurements and accountability and reward. The programming of succession entails selection and development of key positions for employees who have a key drive for opportunities to develop their careers and this serves to ensure that the company work force is diversified at all levels.

Also the company offers development opportunities to its employees who receive an assessment regarding their job skills and this plays a significant role when it comes to essentials for their advancement e.g. trainings, education, coach and mentoring. Success of the Allstate also is fostered by the measurement of its program success through taking of annual surveys and feedback from its employees through what it terms as Quarterly Leadership Measurement System (QLMS) which is an online process and Diversity Index. The above measurements are useful in linking the company’s goals to its compensation as twenty five percent is based ion the two measurements.  This program has made the company employees to have direction while facilitating the company to set specific, realistic optimistic long and short term goals. This has consequently made the company to easily measure it perform ace while being able to make an evaluation especially in areas that require improvement. Implementing the goal setting program has enabled the company to steer towards a new way of working involving management plans that facilitate goal objectives through the ingredients of feedback and communication.

Discuss the competitive advantage Allstate has from the development of the Diversity Index.

The American population has become more ethnically as well as culturally diverse and companies are facing the problem of workforce diversity with the latest development of leveraging this diversity as a competitive business strategy.  Diversity offers a competitive advantage to an organization in that it reflects the diversity of its customer’s base in its workforce through well representation of the workface which is ideally sensitive to particular needs that are often unfulfilled in workplace less attained to other lifestyles and cultures. In this regard diversity acts as a powerful weapon that enable the company to capture a wider market that  incorporate areas outside thaw is termed as main stream market.

Through the development of the Diversity index Allstate has been able to get a good competitive advantage as the measurement enables the company to select employees who demonstrate a possible growth with the company in the future. The competitive advantage that Allstate has allow strengthened by the fact that the measurements made ensures that the company is in a position to  make a selection of minorities as well as women who has managed to demonstrate growth in the past and have proofed successful. In addition to that company competitive advantage is also fostered by the fact that the company has succeeded in selecting persons with diverse background and from different genders.

Recommend the types of high-performance reward system Allstate should use to motivate its employees to reach its diversity goals.

Its a fact that new performance management systems play a crucial role as its tools serve to encouraging and motivate employees within the work place and some of the major elements that are involved in such workplace high performance system include greater levels of involvement, commitment, development as well as competencies of all the company employees regardless of their level or functions in the company.  That is to mean that employees are work practice that deliberately can be introduced to help improve the organizational performance. It’s therefore recommend that Allstate adopts a high performance rewards system that consists of the following: training, compensations and benefits, performance management as well as career development.

Training of employees has been linked to success of many organizations as employee skills undergo regular altering and updating. Moreover, the company can also provide the following major trainings to help foster a high performance reward system: interpersonal skills, business, mandatory, technical, problem solving, personal management and decision making and personal. In reference to Kassim Baba scenario Allstate should provide training to its employees based on performance management as well as on decision making or problem solving and this goes a long way to helping improve the company work performance and decision making process pertaining to particular problems.

            Performance management entails establishing of performance standards as well as employee appraisal which forms a critical part of the process. Methods that the company can employ in this process includes: critical incidents, written essay, militiaperson comparisons, behavior anchored rating scale, graphic rating scale, 360-degree appraisals and objectives. In particular is the graphic rating which is known to work very well with the Kassim Baba operation. The method focuses at rating employees in work quantity and quality, cooperation, job knowledge, attendance, loyalty initiative and honesty.

            By the company having an appropriate and effective compensation system it will be able to attract as well as retain competent and talented employees who will go along way to helping the organization to accomplish its goals and mission. Some of the basic rewards systems that can be used include the following: wage and salary add-ons, wages and salaries as well as the incentive payments.


If you were an Allstate employee, discuss whether or not you would be motivated by the Diversity Index and QLMS.

As an employee at Allstate I will definitely be motivated by the diversity and the QLMS programs they provide to its employees. My first reason why I will be motivated as an employee is that the program employs an integrated approach concept which is not limited to gender or ethnicity but rather based on wider perspectives including religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, minority among other distinguishing factors. This competencies that diversity is appreciated especially considering the act that its also rooted in the company’s’ culture ensuring that it embodies inclusiveness and equal opportunities for all employees of the company and it highly motivates for an employee to know that his or her identity is appreciated.

In addition to that I would be motivated if I worked in Allsates  company because its elements of integrated diversity aimed at rating its best employees is a great opportunity for me progress in my career while at same time reaming focused to achieving my workplace goals. This is because by knowing that my efforts are rewarded I will be in a better position to giving my best and that will yield me better pay as well as a job security as long as I perform well. This is even made better by the fact that as an employee of the company I am assured that I will be treated with dignity and respect while given a chance to work in a bias free environment where performance is based on merit. Finally the training, mentoring and coaching opportunities given to employees working at the company definitely motivate them as they are able to develop their themselves as  well as their careers as they continue to serve the company loyally.



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