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Wedding and Events Planning Service Ltd

This form of business focuses on the planning of events ranging from weddings, conferences, meetings, office parties, and corporate events. There is a problem of lack of adequate events planning companies. Most of the corporate world and bridal parties are forced to plan their events accordingly. It ends up inconveniencing them as they do not have sufficient time to prepare for such occurrences. These events end up being substandard as people handling them are not professionals.

This company aims to solve these problems by ensuring top-notch, successful and world class services to clients. The services are to be delivered on time, saving customers’ time to concentrate on other issues. The firm also offers a money-back guarantee to unsatisfied customers. On top of it all, being professionals, the services are of quality and expertise. Therefore, the customer base for this business includes couples who are planning their weddings, companies preparing corporate events, and firms launching products or services or in need of holding conference calls. The investors are the banks and other financial institutions that are to offer loans as capital. Others include venture capitalists that invest privately in exchange for equity and established franchises that would let the firm use their business name for some payment.

Business Plan Services Ltd

The company has seen that there is a need for professionally created business plans (Kimball, 2009). New entrepreneurs are coming up every day and lack the knowledge of how to make these plans. The company, therefore, aims to solve these problems by using its expertise to help create professional business plans for such entrepreneurs. The target market and customer base are the young entrepreneurs lacking sufficient knowledge of making the plans. Busy companies that require time to make their business plans are also a customer base. Investors for the enterprise are financial banks and small and medium enterprises lenders.

Homecare and Cleaning Services Ltd

The firm identified the need for cleaning services in households where people are always busy at work and experience a lack of time to clean their homes (Kimball, 2009). There is also the problem of adequate professional cleaning services for schools, restaurants, and courtrooms. The firm will, therefore, solve these issues by offering quality cleaning services at an affordable price. The customer base includes busy households, hotels, restaurants, schools, and courtrooms. The investors are mainly the financial institutions and franchise business holders.

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