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Business Law: Shanghai Free Trade Zone

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I would like to introduce my corporation into the Shanghai Free Trade Zone market, which will endeavor to comply with the international rules on trade and investments. I would like to explain that my company is committed to follow the complex rules and procedures that control the international trade as well as policies of the government of Shanghai to regulate this process. My organization is aimed at creating an agreement with corporations participating in the international trade and facilitating trade based on the requirements of existing laws (Bertrams, 2004).

In addition, the management will be focused on maintaining the corporation values on the basis of the international trade laws and regulations. I am also conversant with various measures that have been initiated. In this way, trade with partners in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone will be facilitated as well as meeting our operational goals by remaining equally competitive in the new market.

An example of practice that will be observed by my corporation is antidumping laws that regulate the amount of wastes into the environment. One of the values held by my organization is to operate with little or no harm to flora and fauna by reducing the amounts of toxic substances disposed to the environment (Bethlehem, 2009). Because of that my company is a pharmaceutical corporation, it will be necessary to ensure it complies with the antidumping policies. This condition will be achieved by insuring that products are not dumped with little care. The wastes from activities of my business will be properly controlled and safely disposed without causing damage to the environment. We are also committed to protection of the environment by recycling waste products from operations of our company. This will be achieved by dumping of waste products in specific locations where they do not harm flora and fauna. Moreover, we will treat the waste products so that they cannot be toxic to the environment when disposed.

The corporation will also ensure it does not trade by the pharmaceutical products that are prohibited by the government of Shanghai or the international trade laws. Besides, the drugs sold by the company are to be designed in such a way that they meet the international quality standards making them equally competitive to those produced by other manufacturers in the same line of production.

Additionally, my enterprise has successfully assisted scientists in protection of their products in the past and is committed to protect their intellectual property rights in the future. This is particularly important when there is the need to protect a drug that has been discovered by a particular scientist (Kennedy & Southwick, 2008)..Thus, when this corporation enters into the international trade in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, it will enhance its value of protecting the intellectual property rights. I will also cooperate with researchers to conduct research on the areas of pharmaceutical production where more studies need to be done to create new products to meet various customers’ demands.

Furthermore, my business is about to work with foreign governments in the regions where it has expanded its operations by assisting the governments in these countries draft laws regarding the sales of pharmaceutical products. This company has the 10-year experience in the production and sales of pharmaceutical products. Hence, it is aware of the problems associated with production process. Thus, it has the experience to provide the agent-based approach towards helping producers to develop their products in terms of drafting manufacture and sales laws in particular (Kouladis, 2006). It will engage into cooperation with other companies in a similar line by drafting laws that control the sales of pharmaceutical products in Shanghai and other countries where the company has interests in operating.

In addition, it will negotiate for introduction of policies that streamline the international trade in pharmaceutical products. Besides, it will comply with the formulated and passed laws that regulate the trade in pharmaceutical field in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. My corporation is also focused on creating a multidisciplinary team that is capable of addressing the trade issues which its clients face. It is about to develop a multicultural and multilingual global workforce as well, which will negotiate with regional trade officials serving the business interests of the company’s customers.

In cases of disputes in trade activities, my corporation will ensure it follows the right protocol by presenting a written and oral argument in support of its stand regarding issues that emerge during its operation in the international trade. It will also provide advisory services in matters relating the consistency to the international measures and implementation of policies in the Chinese Free Trade Zones. Moreover, my organization will participate actively in advertising its clients concerning pharmaceutical products that are prohibited for sales in the new market. What is more, it will work closely with lawyers with the aim of maximizing clients’ opportunities regarding these actions.

My corporation will make sure it operates within the international trade principles correspondent to the Chinese Free Trade requirements. Additionally, my business will engage in dialogue regarding the terms of trade and the currency to be used during exchange so that a transaction in pharmaceutical products is facilitated. Another important activity that my company will contribute to is provision of education to consumers. This condition will be accomplished through advertisement in various countries regarding the relevance of pharmaceutical products to the consumers to make them aware of the utility they are likely to get from the products.

In compliance with competition from other similar companies, our organization intends to operate within its limits by providing advertising campaigns in various locations. This will be attained by the use of agents, television networks, newsletters and trade shows in countries where we have interest in operating. The products we offer are genuine products. Therefore, consumers are not exploited, and competition of our products is based on their quality and reasonable price in comparison to products from other companies.

Furthermore, my corporation is about to comply with the international custom laws in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Moreover, we are committed to follow the international export requirements. This aspect will be supported by providing training, getting licensing from the relevant agencies, as well as providing a range of custom law advices for people who are willing to import products of the company. This will involve the adequate training for our staff regarding the international trade practices. In this way, they will be competent concerning the roles they need to play in various sectors of the international trade. In addition, we will ensure we enter into agreements for developing strategies for minimizing embargoes as well as make every effort to avoid violation of the international trade policies so that our corporation does not suffer the consequences of economic sanctions.

With these strategies of entry into the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, we hope that our corporation will be equally competitive as other participants in the international trade in pharmaceutical products. Also, we will be able to benefit equally with other participants of the pharmaceutical products trade.
Thus, we are confident that our venture into the international trade is well planned and will be successful.

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