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Fundraiser Insight

Among a wide range of online fundraising means, it is appropriate to highlight the following platforms. The first and most effective mean is Virgin Money Giving (Harling 2015). This website collects funds mainly for Children Health researches – 37% and General Health studies – 31% of all funds. According to Harling (2015), the platform is popular with both genders with age ranging from 30 to 50 years old (Harling 2015). The platform demonstrates a profound social media presence, since the website has 22, 000 followers in Twitter and 21, 873 likes in Facebook (Harling 2015). The resource provides iOS and Android applications as well as mobile-adjusted version of the website. Virgin Money Giving is also the most charitable fundraiser– 9, 000 charities, which is why it is commonly recognized as the most popular platform (Harling 2015). Talking about the popularity of fundraising platforms in terms of social media, Just Give is the most widespread. This site collects 18% of its funds from Facebook referrals (Harling 2015). It is certainly true, as the page has 236, 786 likes in Facebook and 95, 200 followers in Twitter (Harling 2015). Consequently, Just Give linked 15, 827 external websites (Harling 2015). At the same time, Every Click obtains the highest U.K. traffic among similar fundraising websites.

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Competitor Insight

As it has become increasingly apparent, the key competitor of Tree Aid is Virgin Money Giving. The fundraiser mainly collects money for developments in general health studies and researches related to health of children. Even though the resource has established in-depth social media presence, it could have appeared in traditional media and other forms of social advertising (Miller 2010). In fact, fundraising as a type of social advertising is not limited to the environment of social media. However, it is the fastest and most effective way of spreading a message of the organization (Magold & Faulds 2009). Fundraising in social media is especially efficient, since it provides not only close communication between organization and customers, but also interaction the same target audience, such as peers and members (Evans 2012). Group influence on a decision-making of an individual is extremely persistent. Besides that, a certain message becomes viral as soon as it is voted up (Evans 2012). A choice of certain content by the majority of people is the best method of promotion, so that viral effect is a result but not an initial characteristic of social media content (Guo & Saxton 2013). Virgin Money Giving clearly realizes this tendency, which is why it is so popular having a strong social media presence.

Fundraising Idea and Target Audience

After analyzing the competitor, the key target audience of the campaign is defined as males and females aged from 30 to 55 years old. Nevertheless, the campaign is also focused on younger generations, which is why citizens aged 21 – 30 years old also belong to a target segment of the campaign. Once Tree Aid expects the campaign to raise corporate awareness concerning deforestation, companies, which adopt sustainable business approaches, are also included in the target audience.

The main concept of the campaign is to launch a mainstream online content, which will become viral and address a maximal target segment. The message of Tree Aid does not need to obtain a specific content for the niche, which is why it has to be easily comprehended and shared (Evans 2012). Integration of informative social advertising campaign, YouTube video linking to the main website and key social media can be done through Facebook and Tweeter platforms with appropriately designed hashtags and promotions (Graham 2011). Still, an assistance of online-based traditional mass media may be needed, especially for targeting senior and corporate segments.

Campaign Goals

In regards to SMART objectives, the campaign is expected to collect 70, 000 pounds within the entire period of its performance. In consequence, it has to collect 500, 000 views on all presented social media platforms and gather 300, 000 likes/tweets. What is more, the campaign expects to gain 200, 000 shares/retweets within the entire period, as well. It is increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that the campaign relies heavily on peer exchange messages, since it is the strongest element of social media. In fact, it is the primary purpose of most social media platforms, which is why it is reasonable to consider that peculiarity.

Campaign Theme

The main theme of the campaign is a demonstration of Ethiopian people, who suffer from famine and preceding deforestation. The campaign will explain how deforestation influences famine rates as well as outline that familiar consequences are likely to happen in the United Kingdom. In fact, people are interested in experience and lives of other people rather than in environmental issues (Neti 2011). In such a way, the campaign will attract people, who have little knowledge about deforestation. Display of living conditions in Ethiopia and interviews of its citizens will make the content more credible. Similarly, such form of content implies a strong emotional appeal, which is especially important for social advertising (Warwick 2013). People will donate money for issues, which really concern them or make them feel sympathy (Rowley 2010). Thus, demonstration of Ethiopian disaster is an appropriate strategy, as people should understand about what the campaign is attempting to complete (Nax & Saxton 2012). For that purpose, the campaign will include references to the previous achievements of Tree Aid in order to show real results and provide an example of how average citizens of the U.K., who participated in the previous initiatives, have helped to solve environmental issues.

Online Content Plan

Since the campaign is going to address multiple target segments, different content should be prepared (Graham 2011). Still, some general guidelines for the entire campaign must be initially discussed. Hence, the following online content should include a copy text, which will describe the story of Ethiopia, explain possible consequences of deforestation in the U.K. and directly ask for donations (Hrabik 2013). Then, a YouTube video with Ethiopians’ interviews should describe hard living conditions of the citizens. As a consequence, Tree Aid should present its former achievements in the field and emphasize that average citizens also supported such initiatives in the past (Ascenico 2015). The examples of related tweets/posts are depicted in Appendix 1. Appendix 1 shows a number of examples of related posts. All these contents have to be presented in a form of a Facebook post, Twitter tweet, and promo page on Tree Aid’s website and mobile application (Fischer & Reuber 2011). 

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Talking about target audience, the segmentation is also justified by social identity theory: each individual identifies himself/herself as belonging to a certain social group (Bampo et al. 2008). Therefore, adults are likely follow examples of the users of the same age (Carpenter 2011). Regarding that, online content for a target audience aged from 30 to 55 will have the following heading: A New Approach to Well Being of Yours and Your Family. That will catch users’ attention, and then, tell about the problems in Ethiopia and ways similar issue can be avoided in the U.K. (Cannon 2011). Care about personal and family well-being is a major concern among this age group, which is why they will react on such message.

As for target segment aged from 21 to 30, the heading for the content should look like How to Ensure Your Future. Young people have recently started an adult life; therefore, many issues are still unidentifiable by them. As a result, they are mainly concerned about their future (Meadows-Klue 2008). Thus, a story about Ethiopian disaster demonstrates how the future can look like if an individual does not take appropriate actions. Tree Aid tries to ask this question and, thus, encourage youth to be responsible. Again, examples of youth’s participation in previous campaigns are essential (Dunne, Lawler & Rowley 2010). Speaking about corporate audience, heading for their content should answer the question: How to Make Your Business Sustainable. Sustainability approach is a common trend in business, which is why many companies will follow a link with such name. 


Once the campaign is successfully implemented, it has to undergo a period of testing, which should last for two weeks. Under circumstances that the campaign has not gained more than 1,000 likes, the form of the content should be redesigned. It is worth saying that content itself should be a priori detailed and specified, so that a form of its presentation can be changed. In addition, support of traditional web-based mass media may be needed, as many users still prefer to read news from reliable online and printed sources (Saxton & Wang 2013). This aspect does not have to be disregarded. Eventually, it is appropriate to make a general comment on the fact that the suggested campaign follows standard rules of information style and social advertising. Tree Aid has already gained sufficient results in that regard. Finally, the campaign is recommended to involve email newsletters regarding progress of the initiative, as long as donators are interested whether their donations make a significant contribution (Lewis 2013).

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