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Discussion about Samsung, Ford Motors & McDonalds

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Samsung is a digital leader with multi-faceted, responsible family of companies. Samsung electronics and Samsung group have very realistic approach towards its products, business and people with high standards. Samsung‘s major investment areas are the manufacturing, R&D and supply chain operations. McDonalds and Ford Motors have many common factors about their business like the Samsung.

Samsung has a vision 2020 as stated in its motto “inspire the world, create the future”. Samsung has given this new vision due to its commitment to inspire the communities by its three key strengths. These three strengths include as the innovative products, new technology and creative solutions. It aims to promote the core networks like partners, employees and entire industry. Samsung has planned to generate the $400 billion revenue and become the one of the top five brands by 2020. Three strategic approaches are established by the Samsung including as creativity, Talent and Partnership. When talk about the rivalry of the Samsung then LG, Whirlpool, Motorola, Nokia and Sony are the big names. Samsung is staying in market due to its innovative technology, product features, cost, and quality of products and sourcing.

Samsung’s business

Companies in markets have brought new products in the markets like Touch Pad of Hewlett, Motorola Xoom and now the Galaxy tab of Samsung. Samsung has contended the Sony for the solar technological advances. Companies increase the sale of their products by the factors of innovation and price competition. Other important factor which is too Samsung’s strategy is to build the strong relationships with its suppliers. Samsung has faced the problems with Apple as a supplier of Samsung’s products. These were the external factors which affect the business of Samsung. Samsung has various segmentation strategies due to its high quality products. Instead of all these qualities of Samsung’s business many issues interact with Samsung’s business including the cost of oil and recession forces which demand for the low cost with high quality products.

Ford Motors

 On the other hand Ford Motors requires maintaining its current strategies to have the edge in market. To keep the current progress Ford Motors require the innovative strategies and products. Likewise Samsung Ford Motors focuses upon the success driving factor of new talent to its management team. Competitors are main rivals of any organization in the relevant industry. Ford Motors is too facing issues in the market. These issues include the competition in Lithium-ion-battery production. Increasing costs of the new technology and R&D. Its main competitor in market is the GM Motors, Chrysler and Toyota Company.

McDonald’s Business

Key factors behind the success of the McDonalds business are to retain its existing customers and expand its network to accommodate new customers. Secondly it improves image by giving quality services. McDonalds too follows the strategy of Samsung and Ford Motors to hire the talented management and promoting the diversity of employment. Like Samsung, McDonalds majorly focusing upon the operations like adding new restaurant in China and becoming capable of strong supply chain system. R&D is also the operational area of the McDonalds to produce the good and health food products. Attracting the tourist from different parts of the world is another objective and providing the more comfortable environment to these visitors. Instead of these factors customer are not satisfied with the services provided by the McDonalds. There are problems in the menu options of the McDonalds. They have given the mount of the calories on the menu option which is not good for the selection of food for customers.


All three organizations in concern produce the jobs for the people who have the relevant experience. Many similarities exist among the different business in the world from structure to marketing. However every business grows with its own strategic policies.

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