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Financial Crisis

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A Company Seeks the Services of the Chief Financial Officer (1 vacancy).

A suitably qualified professional is urgently needed for the post of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) by the above mentioned company.

The applicants should posses the following qualities:

  • Hold at least a Bachelors’ Degree in Commerce or Business Administration or any other Business related field from a well recognized institution of learning.
  • Must have a minimum working experience of 3 years.
  • Be self-motivated and ready to accomplish his/her tasks under minimal level of supervision.
  • Good proficiency in written and oral English as well as Records management.
  • Desirable inter-personal relationship.
  • Age limit (25 to 45 years)

A well written application with a detailed Curriculum Vitae (C.V) should be submitted to the above address through postal or Email services or hand delivery. It should be received by the company not later than two weeks from the date of this press release. Only short listed applicants will be contacted for interviews shortly after the closure of receiving applications.

Having gone through all the recruitment channels, the successful candidate/applicant will immediately be contacted, required to report for duty. The company is prepared to offer an attractive salary package, housing, medical and transport allowances among other benefits and generally a friendly working atmosphere.

Glory Real Estates Dealers (GRED), a corporate company that deals in purchasing and selling of houses, land, farm tools and machinery, as well as construction works. The need for a new officer has been created by the sudden resignation of the officer formerly holding the office without any clear explanation or reason to support his departure from the company was given.



Subject: Financial Crisis

To: The Manager


Since Glory Real Estates Dealers has social financial attachment with other stakeholders, like share holders and the U.S. Security Exchange Commission, it is therefore legally important that the company management initiates an audit of the company financial stand. This would let the company run with clear knowledge of its financial status. Investment act of 1940 dictates that the company discloses its financial condition and its investment policy. If that is the case, the Company has no choice apart from adhering to the legal requirements which may have serious effects if not respected. Anderson, Born & Schnusenberg  however suggest that the same investment act of 1940 does not permit Security Exchange Commission to supervise, investment decisions, or activities of the company. Since such activities are already underway, management has to use the requirements of the 1940 investment act to stop the investigations SEC is undertaking, because that is not its responsibility.

In light of the commitment and responsibility that the company holds with the public, the present states of issues have to be let known to the public. Its true management is faced with the hostility from stakeholders however ethical issues like transparency, legal requirements and the future of the company cannot be compromised at any cost. However the best way of tackling the issue would be letting the shareholders know instead of getting to know the issue just like all the other members of the public. In this case therefore, individual emails would serve better to all the shareholders, to let them know that there is an issue in the company they own. By doing that, management will have striked a balance between calming external stakeholders and the ethical requirements that have to be considered too.

The press release is one of the most important actions that were supposed to be taken. It is likely to affect public opinion indifferent ways. Many people who are interested in getting employed would look at it as an opportunity to get employment with Glory Real Estates Dealers, a company a sizeable number of the public consider as the most credible in this country. However, stakeholders like employees, shareholders, Securities Exchange Commission and some other members of the public may view it as a crack in the credibility of the company.

Shareholders may start thinking of selling their shares as they may think that there money is not safe, as a result the share market may reduce in the short run. The Securities Exchange Commission is going to start being very keen with the dealings of the company, no wonder it is even beginning to act outside the requirements of the investment act of 1940. The other members of the public many of whom form the clientele of the company may begin having a second thought about whether or not to deal with Glory real Estates Dealers. All these matters will definitely have an impact on the company’ social and economic credibility if not managed appropriately.

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