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Gardner Italian Restaurant Business Plan

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1.0 Executive Summary

Gardner Italian Restaurant will be a prominent gourmet pasta eatery in, with a fast emerging consumer brand and an increasing number of customers. Gardner Italian Restaurant has recognized the signature line of groundbreaking and premium pasta dishes, such as pesto with smoldered salmon, pancetta (Italian cured pork), and peas linguini blended with alfredo sauce, as well as fresh shellfish and clams in a marinara pasta sauce. Gardner Italian Restaurant also serves unique desserts, salads, and beverages.

Gardner Italian Restaurant will recreate the pasta experience for individual customers, households, and take-away clients within an income bracket by selling high quality, groundbreaking products at a fairish price, designing aesthetic, commodious locations, and providing industry-standard customer care. Gardner Italian Restaurant will be financed through direct founder investment.


Gardner Italian Restaurant’s objectives are to create brand awareness and provide excellent customer service in addition to increasing sales by starting more stores that are new. Gardner Italian Restaurant purposes to employ the following business strategies to meet its objectives:

  • Create brand awareness by using cheap, guerrilla-marketing campaigns;

  • Utilize the proficiency, brainpower, and skills of our chic advisory board;

  • Provide high quality, groundbreaking menu items, such as offering premium cheeses vegetables, and meats;

  • Provide a fantabulous dining value and experience. Gardner Italian Restaurant provides large quantities of fresh, high-quality food for a regular guest check of $8.99 per individual;

  • Provide higher-ranking customer service, and;

  • Go after well-organized eatery growth.


The Gardner Italian Restaurant’s mission is to turn an all-in-one service, family Italian restaurant serving reasonably priced, high quality Italian fare enthused by veritable family recipes. Gardner Italian Restaurant’s target is to provide its clients with a full dining experience that transcends the clients’ anticipations on each visit to the restaurant. We achieve this by endorsing add-on items that will improve the clients’ dining experience. Gardner Italian Restaurant is clean and it always ensures high quality.

Keys to Success

The greatest key to Gardner Italian Restaurant’s success if it location. Our restaurant’s choice of site criteria is vital to success. Harish Benson, former executive at Dormans, assisted Gardner Italian Restaurant to recognize the following criteria to choose Gardner Italian Restaurant’s site.

  • Number of cars;

  • Day and night populations;

  • The levels of household income, and;

  • Regional shopping patterns.

2.0 The Company

Gardner Italian Restaurant is a gourmet pasta eatery opened and operated in [name of city]. Gardner Italian Restaurant’s serves individual customers, families, and take-away clients with fresh, originative, appealing pasta dishes, puddings, and salads. Gardner Italian Restaurant uses home-produced pasta, premium cheeses and meats, and fresh vegetables. Our main store in the  [name of city] will be the concept outlet on which all Gardner Italian Restaurant’s future stores will be established. Gardner Italian Restaurant is a privately company in, and the majority stockholder is Jena Gardner, the founder.

Gardner Italian Restaurant has incurred some of the following startup costs: Pasta machines, CD-RW, Commercial stove, Chairs and tables, Commercial fridges and freezers, Cabinets with cutting board surfaces, Commercial dishwasher, Dishware, Beverage dispenser, Assorted knives, and flatware; mixing bowls, , Computer with Internet connection; Point-of-Sale terminal, and a printer. Some of the costs that are looked at as assets and will be in use for more than one year, hence called long-term assets and the G.A.A.P. permitted straight-line depreciation formula will be used to estimate the cost of long-term assets.

3.0 Services

Gardner Italian Restaurant has produced gourmet pastas as well as salads that are distinguished and better than the competitors’ are. Our clients can taste the quality and brilliance of our products in each bite. Here are some of the characteristics of the products we offer:

  • All our cheeses are imported;

  • All our meats are all top-shelf assortments, and organic whenever possible;

  • Gardner Italian Restaurant dough is made using the flour called Italian semolina;

  • Our vegetables are organic and unfermented and we have three shipments each week.

At Gardner Italian Restaurant, we do not only take pride in our food as the only product. Gardner Italian Restaurant prides itself on offering services that are equivalent to fine dining. We achieve this through a far-reaching training program and only employing experienced workers. Gardner Italian Restaurant is also gaining against its competition as it takes pride in good design, size, industrious employees, appealing seating arrangement, and operates from a good location for a restaurant business.

4.0 Market Analysis

Gardner Italian Restaurant targets a market that can be divided into three categories—individual clients, families, and take-away customers:

  • Individual customers are the people that dine in on their own;

  • Family customers are a group of individuals—acquaintances or a group of relatives dining together;

  • Take-away customers are individuals that prefer to eat food from Gardner Italian Restaurant at a location other than our restaurant.

Gardner Italian Restaurant’s growth strategy is to infiltrate further the existing markets by founding additional stores in Eugene in 2011/2012. This approach will enable Gardner Italian Restaurant to enhance its brand awareness and increase its operating and marketing competences. For instance:

  • Clustering allows Gardner Italian Restaurant to strike a deal of a fixed percentage agreement with food wholesalers, and;

  • Marketing expenses can be distributed over various revenue centers. This marketing strategy dilutes risks associated with opening new branches given that Gardner Italian Restaurant better realizes the competitive environment, consumer tastes, and expenditure patterns in the target market. When the [name of city] market becomes saturated with a few additional stores, then Gardner Italian Restaurant plans to explore new market opportunities.

By considering multiple key demographic elements, Gardner Italian Restaurant’s summarizes the profile of its primary customers as:

  • Shoppers that visit high rent stores in town;

  • Sophisticated family members who live adjacent to where Gardner Italian Restaurant is located;

  • Young specialists, who work adjacent to where Gardner Italian Restaurant is located.


Gardner Italian Restaurant expects competition from the following stores:

  • This restaurant offers pasta that is somewhat fresh, practically innovative and reasonably affordable. However, this restaurant was acquired a few years ago, making its direction of management moribund and has contributed to undue employee turnover.

  • This competitor offers its clients a choice of ingredients noodles, and sauces, which allows customers to have a combination of their dishes as they wish. Food quality of this restaurant is average.

  • This restaurant has a limited choice of dishes, but the dishes are made out of high-quality ingredients. Though the store’s prices are higher than the average, the quality of its food is quite good.

  • This restaurant has fairly priced pasta dishes prepared from average ingredients, but exhibit no creativity. Gardner Italian Restaurant wonders how this restaurant has been growing in size—this competitor’s whole product offering is second-rate at best.

However, Gardner Italian Restaurant needs to do its best to stay ahead of all these companies, regardless of their superiority.

5.0 Strategy and Implementation

Gardner Italian Restaurant will leverage its two competitive edges—higher-ranking product, as well as industry benchmarked consumer service to create a loyal clientele base. Therefore, Gardner Italian Restaurant competitive advantage is quite unambiguous—greater product and higher-up service.

  • Gardner Italian Restaurant’s Product: the restaurant’s product will boast fresh ingredients, such as imported cheeses, home-baked pasta, top-shelf meats, and organic vegetables. Gardner Italian Restaurant’s product will also be created to improve presentation and aesthetics.

  • Gardner Italian Restaurant’s Service: the restaurant’s customer service will be our priority. All our workers will ensure that our clients are having the most enjoyable dining experience. All our workers will also go through a complete training program. Besides, the restaurant will only employ experienced individuals.

Gardner Italian Restaurant has a limited advertising budget, implying that our advertising program is simple. Gardner Italian Restaurant will use direct mail, magazine inserts, and banner ads, which the restaurant believed to be the most successful of all the budget campaigns. Gardner Italian Restaurant will also capitalize on personal relationships to get people to interact with the restaurant’s ads.

Gardner Italian Restaurant’s sales strategy will be to let people to explore its greater product and service on their own. Quintessentially, Gardner Italian Restaurant’s product will market and speak for itself. The marketing campaign is projected to attracting new customers into Gardner Italian Restaurant, while the sales strategy is projected to allow people experience Gardner Italian Restaurant. The two strategies this will be effective to turn people into permanent customers.

6.0 Management Summary

Gardner Italian Restaurant values its management team and staff as the most important component in running a successful operation. Gardner Italian Restaurant has established that approachable and responsive managers make welcoming crew people. The restaurant understands that a friendly crew brings about next generation of managers, hence a high quality operation. Customers can see a quality staff and management in the quality of the offered food, clean store, and friendly and fast service.

Gardner Italian Restaurant will comprise of the following in its management:


7.0 Financial Projections

  • Gardner Italian Restaurant’s growth will be moderate and cash flows will be steady.

  • The restaurant’s sales will increase at a steady rate of approximately 4% per annum.

  • The cost of the restaurant’s products will go up at a rate of between 1% and 2% per annum.

  • Unless utterly necessary, the company will invest residual profits into financial markets, rather than in company expansion.

  • The company will keep up general maintenance and repairs to uphold a solid operation.

  • The company’s future cash investments will make use of NPV projections to attain maximum return with limited risk.

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