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George Bush as a Businessman

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Over the decades, many leaders have exhibited different traits and in most cases, every leader has got his/her own unique character which serves to his/her advantage. Despite the world being vast and full of many leaders, very few leaders have gained adequate fame to be known all over the world.

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George w bush is one of the leaders that has seen his fame spread all over the globe. Having being born in the year 1946, no body could ever think he would become one of the renowned leaders in the world. He was the son of the 41st US president George W.H Bush. George Bush however was the 43rd president of the United States of America. To be successful in business, one need to foresee opportunities where others rarely see them and make the best use of such opportunities. Capital also plays a pivotal role when one needs to invest in large investments that call for large amount of capital. George Bush having ailed form a class of wealthy people was able to engage in big business that called for big capital. His earliest form of such business was in the oil and gas industry. This means he saw the market niche of these commodities and he was able to forecast an increase in their demand.

His interest in business can also be associated with the kind of education career that he pursued in MBA at the University of Harvard. It is said, immediately after his MBA, he worked for a Bush’s’ friends oil and gas attorney before he started his own gas and oil company; with many wealthy friends investing their money in his company. Later alone, Bush made a great fortune by investing in the major-league ball par; the bill park. It is said to have performed very well and he was able to make more money that from his initial business of oil and gas. Therefore, bush has been able to succeed as a business man also considering politics can also be classified as a business, where one uses money during campaign. He was able to rise to presidential position and this confirms he was able to do his calculations well to grab the opportunity by applying the best possible practice in the field of business (Jackson, 1999).

As a person, I will say George W Bush had high levels of discipline in line with he wanted to achieve. To be disciplined means to be able to abide by the rules and regulations set forth, which all people should abide by them. Having served at Texas Air National guard confirms that he was a disciplined person. Military officers all over the world are known to be people of high discipline which is further enforced during training. Before being recruited, people aspiring to become officers are scrutinized and their past examined to determine their eligibility to join security departments.  Looking at his past, there is a time he used to be an alcoholic, a habit he managed to overcome through determination and self-discipline to overcome such a vice. This confirms that he was a disciplined person who could abide by the rules set forth.

To compromise, one needs to give in some of his hard stance in order to reach a consensus with the other party which is also supposed to do the same. When we look at number of attacks Bush did during his stay in power, like bombing of Iraq and at the same time participating in its reconstruction, this shows how he was good at compromising his hard stance. George W bush, during his tenure, he was able to propose a number of bills to be put forth as well as being amended. He advocated for illegal immigrants to be allowed to work in US. Since it was against the law of the country, it shows how Bush as a president was willing to compromise for the benefit of the country and the immigrants. He also did try hard to make education being affordable between the rich and the poor. This was all about compromising with the aim of bringing a consensus or a neutral point that would benefit the US population as a whole ( Press release,2002).

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In a nutshell, George Bush was fair in business investment, a man of good discipline who managed to lead others. People lead by example and I believe his discipline of tackling issues and implementing what he promise forms part of discipline. A leader on the other hand can not lead without compromise. On daily to daily basis, one has to lead in relation to the wish of the majority, making one to practice aspect of compromise. Bush compromise on a number of issues and this is one of the reasons that made him to be elected and remain popular

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