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Management: Casinos

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Recent decades saw a rapid growth of casino industry both in the United States and over the world. There are several reasons for such expansion related to social, economic, technological, and political factors. This paper reviews these reasons in detail to understand the growing popularity of gambling services in the modern world.

Social impact on the casinos’ expansion is the most notable in the United States and other developed countries where people’s morale has changed in past decades. Along with the development of internet, people obtained more free views than ever before. Besides, because of high costs, casinos are often popularized as elite entertainment places. Therefore, the industry switched from immoral time spending to luxury relaxation in modern society.

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From the economic side, positive effect includes the increased disposable income of population. Respectively, people who have more money to spend can allow themselves to expand the consumption of entertainment services. Moreover, with the increasing competition, the proportion of money spent on food and other primary needs decreases as prices in these industries are restrained by the fear to lose the market. On the opposite, casino industry is not oversaturated by competing organizations and still has a very strong potential for generating exceptional revenues from increased prices.

Improved infrastructure across states and cities also contributed to the expansion of casinos. Being one of the most important decisive factors of development, better physical access to entertainment facilities critically influenced their potential to develop. Now, more perspective and attractive locations for casinos are available as cities grow and new roads are being constructed.
At the same time, technologies provide additional opportunities for gambling industry. The existing casinos widely use and obtain notable benefits from new technologies. They allow them to extend the gambling opportunities, install new equipment for games, and even improve security in buildings. All this attracts more clients to this type of entertainment and decreases risks at the organizational level.

Another impulse in the industry’s expansion occurred with the wide spread of internet technologies. Today, the number of online casinos is rising rapidly every year. They not only complement old-fashioned physical casinos, but also pose a serious competition threat for them. Online casinos enhance popularity of the industry as people do not have to spend additional time for moving to the casino facility and can play from home any time. Moreover, they provide anonymity for those living in the societies in developing and some developed countries with unchanged attitude to this entertainment type and allow people to gamble without unwanted publicity.

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Finally, casinos obtained support from most governments. The reason is that they provide a significant portion of taxes to local, state, and federal budgets. With growing revenues and increasing tax rates on their luxury revenues, casinos are readily allowed by governments to exist. Thus, more licenses are issued by supportive authorities to new organizations in the industry while the existing ones now enjoy less control from them than earlier.

To conclude, casinos became more popular in the past decades as people’s attitude towards this type of entertainment changed; governments, in their turn, started supporting their existence and potential clients earn now more disposable income available for luxury relaxation. Also, the development of modern technologies still continues playing an important role in further expansion of the industry in our lives.

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