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Human beings determine a lot of things in their lives that influence their way of living. These determinations they make could either be rational or irrational, whereby rational decision are better choices and irrational decisions are poor or bad choices. One success in his or her career needs good ob excellent decision making. Timely and careful decision making is a quality of that comes with good leadership, on the other hand poor and careless and poor decisions are brutal n may lead the termination of ones career or leadership. Logical decisions are important any many professions, for instance the making proper diagnosis and giving appropriate treatment.   

The cognitive process that leads to a choice of action in the midst of other alternatives is known as decision making.  It involves the establishment of the goal or objective which are placed in order of magnitude, evaluation of available alternatives against the objectives they should be able to achieve all goals. An unsure decision is examined for achievable outcomes. Finally a decisive deed is taken together with preventive actions incase of adverse outcomes.

Poor decision making are influenced by various factor, for example lack of clarity, the fear of failing, be short of a structured approach and procrastinating. However with proper evaluation the above barriers could be overcome.

Decision making process by managers

During this process managers need to identify the problem or the goals or objectives to be achieved. This can be done by jotting down the problem or objective to be achieved. Secondly he or she needs to assess the implications of the decision to be made on the employees and employers or even family. Other alternatives that could be taken to achieve the goals or solve the problem should also be explored. One should calculate all the possible outcomes with each alternative involved in the decision. On top of that the manager should weigh the pro and cons of each alternative; this is done by listing the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.  After all the evaluations a decision is finally made based on the gathered facts. In order to avoid procrastinations one is advised to accept failings.


Generally decision making is not an easy task, but with proper planning and evaluation, one can avoid adverse outcomes due to poor decision making.

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