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Plan Using “Green” Energy

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Today, sustaining the environment is a critical issue that should be embraced by every individual in the entire world. In this case, the environment can be sustained using the green energy. Green energy refers to the use of sustainable or renewable methods that contributes in one way or another in maintaining and conserving natural resources with our environment.  Some of the major measures that can be adopted in sustaining the environment include the following; recycling, building green houses, maintaining water sources, using proper methods of agriculture to protect water sources such as ocean, rivers among others. Notably, agriculture is one of the major contributors in destruction of the environment and hence it is advisable for all stake holders to adopt proper measures that will help in sustaining the environment while still continuing with the practice

Due to lack of proper environment sustenance, biodiversity has been lost. This is mainly contributed by human beings who have to clear forest for farming. Clearing forests for agricultural development has been a major phenomenal due to increased in human population. This has made it impossible for people to sustain the environment as the needs increases.

In my opinion, to sustain the environment effectively, it is important for people to adopt the following principles. These include reduced dependence on fossil fuel for provision of energy, decreased encroachment into the forested zones, reduction into the degree of dependent on chemical that are synthetically made. When these principles have been met, it is possible to meet all human needs more effectively and fairly while at the same time sustaining the environment . In order to ensure maximum environmental conservation, it is advisable to use “green” energy. This entails the use of renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, bio-energy, geothermal power as well as wave power. In this case, the environment is not compromised as it is the case with the use of energy from charcoal.

Supporting of ecosystems is also an important factor to consider while sustaining the environment. In context, this helps to improve human life in one way or another. Environment helps in providing conducive human life as it is essential in supporting life, thus, by people contributing in its sustenance, of the environment, they will be able to effectively meet their needs and demands. Thus, energy should not be wasted but should be used effectively to ensure that conservation measures are adhered to and hence sustain the environment for the sake of the future.

Sustaining energy which is critical in the process of sustaining the environment demands that the way energy is supplied, the amount as well as the way is used be checked and monitored to reduce wastage. This is because, energy is important for advancement in economy. Every sector of economy depends on energy. Therefore, it is recommended to adopt renewable sources of energy as it helps in concerning other sources that could have been to generate the same energy. In this case, the role of sustaining the environment is played.  On the other hand, keeping the environment clean is a major role in sustaining the environment.

It is advisable for all players in energy sector such as the environmentalists and government to come together and be on the forefront to ensure that every one has played this critical role of sustaining the environment. Several alternatives should also be devised to be used in sustaining the environment. This is because; sustaining the environment is global issue that needs every country to participate as the environment concerns everyone.


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