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Recruitment Strategies

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What methods and techniques does the organization use to recruit for these positions?

            The Coca Cola Company being a multinational advertises in popular news papers, the internet and its official website. The company heavily invests in the advertisements ensuring that the period given is long enough for a higher number of candidates to apply. Its recruiting process is both internal and external so as to allow employees to be promoted.

The company first does a twofold job analysis that ensures that they have set down the requirements to be met by the prospective employer. This includes: The job description and the job and the job specification. The former refers to the input required from the person while the latter are the human abilities of the employee that will help contribute to the growth of the company.

B.        Does the current method provide a diverse talent pool to select the best candidates?

            Fortunately, the company has a very good reputation and has had a maximum number of applicants in both senior and junior job interviews. The fact that it allows for internal employment means that the company is able to tap in to the best talent. This is talent that has been tested and proven to work hard and be a group member.

C.        What methods are used to narrow the talent pool?

            Since C.Vs are sent prior to being called for other selection processes, the C.V and attached documents are a very good way of narrowing down the talent pool. The company will look at previous experience and how it relates to the job applied for and move them select the best candidates for further vetting. The number of candidates for this company in particular is usually and thus the human resource department in conjunction with the relevant department will help shortlist the best among the many applicants.

D.        What is the selection process?

            This is the process involved in the final picking of the best talent from the large talent that is invited for the activity. In the Coca Cola Company, it varies from one position to another since each position requires certain skills. That said the company employ’s the following methods in selecting employees as need arises.

I.         Senior leaders:

·           Interviews: Executives and managers go through this vetting process so that the Human Resource managers learn more about them on a personal level.

·           Presentations: This will help to show how well they can demonstrate and communicate to their juniors if hired.

II.        Mid-level managers:

            On this level both interviews and presentations are applied for the same purpose as for the executives in this company. In addition to this, the managers are taken through psychometric tests. This are timed tests used to test how the managers abilities and potential.

III.      Technical Positions:

            Since this employees will be the kinds that are involved in the direct running of the plants, there is need to test how effectively they can work together. The first technique is group exercises. This will test how easily they can fit into the team and communicate with ease. The company is basically reliant on a perfect group working relationship hence this is very vital for success.

The second exercise is role playing or situational exercises. Here, the company can have a marketing manager acting as the potential customer. This is meant to help to tell how well they can fit in to different situations.

E.        How effective is the current process at identifying, selecting, and retaining highly talented candidates?

            The recruitment process is not as exhaustive as it should be. The company prides in infrastructure that reaches all points of the globe. Advertising does not reach all prospective employees as some are employed and thus busy. The adverts could easily go unseen on newspapers. However, the use of the internet is a bonus. A lot of people even senior executives continue to rely on this source to look for better jobs.

            The selection process is fully exhaustive. If for example the company was hiring a maintenance technician, the candidates would have to be put in groups and asked to demonstrate how they would fix a broken engine belt. This method is exclusive for this group only and not for senior leaders. The Company’s human resource department scores very well on this particular field. The selection methods are thus very effective in finding the best talent in the market. This in turn means that the company has been able to retain the best in talent among the candidates they select.

F.         What recommendations would you make to senior leaders to improve the process, including any techniques to widen the diversity of the talent pool?

I.          First, the company can invest more on the online recruitment process. This includes hiring the services if a reputable hiring firm. Even though this could mean higher costs in recruiting, it will in the long run reap well for the company. This due to the fact that recruitment agencies keep databases and specialize on this field better than any company can. They are at a better position to find the best talent, select, hire, train and place.

II.        Campus/college hiring- This entails sending the Coca Cola HR representatives to campuses that train students in the relevant field. The representatives will prescreen and create a pool of applicants from various colleges. The method will target the graduating class and will have to make its career opportunities stand out. They have to make this opportunity as appealing as possible. They should know that a small number of graduates know where their career leads and thus be as informative as possible to this young candidates. The graduates need to be sure they are going to work in good conditions. It would be a bonus for Coca Cola to proper training so as to boost their interest as they are new to the job market. They should also promise personal satisfaction, rewarding opportunities, personal flexibility and compensation. The company should stress that the job offers a plat form for skill enhancement which is a vital need for the graduates. This way the company will be able to reach out to young and energetic workforce and at a lowered price.

III.       Job Fairs: The aim of these fairs is to bring job seekers into the firms that are looking for new employees. It is thus advisable for Coca Cola to be represented in such fairs so as to expose them to the large talent pool available globally. The company should through its various country executives ensure that they are represented fully. The fairs provide the forum for employees to show to the prospective employee what they have to offer thus helping them make informed decisions.This method has been found to be one of the most effective ways that job seekers can get jobs. It should be noted that with the current status of Coca Cola, the company’s stand would be filled with interested employees. This would offer Coca Cola with a wide pool of talent to choose from which the aim of any recruitment process is. A big advantage of this method over interviews and other methods is the fact that this method provides a relaxed atmosphere for the recruitment process as compared to the board room approach. This does not however affect the quality of employees the company will get. Coca Cola will still be in a position to get qualified, and competent potential employees who have dedication, interest and personal initiative.

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