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Strategic Management

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In order to further the effectiveness of the strategies employed and the management capabilities, there is a need to focus on the operational effectiveness of the whole organization. By this it means that activities and functions that are geared towards continuous improvement must be held. There is a need to have a continuous operational meetings and focus in order to avoid vulnerability among the employees and the management as well. To implement the values and the plans of the organization, a focus in the creation of unique positions in order to determine and establish the identities of the whole organization framework. Meaning to say, there should be clear trade offs as well. This only means that the organization should be focused on the continual improvement through the never ending improvement of skills, trades and knowledge of the members of the organization and the service providers as well. It must be remembered that in order to ensure consistency in terms of services, adherence to policies, missions, goals and aspirations of the organization, the focus will be on the operation effectiveness too (Armstrong, 2006) are not working in line with the organization will be eradicated and new and improved operations will be given priority.


As per the evaluation, in order to determine the various aspects of the organization that needs improvement and what is performing well, the SWOT analysis can be made. Using this procedure, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will be determined. In this way, it can be seen that the strengths of the organization can be enhanced or given more focus in order to provide better services. There are times where weaknesses are disregarded and would rather be forgotten but weaknesses must be determined in order to ensure that competitiveness is remained. Opportunities should be explored and threats be known.

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