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Gun Control

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This particular phrase, ‘gun control’, is normally used to refer to efforts that are aimed at limiting or rather restricting the possession, importation, production, sale, shipment and/ or the use of guns particularly by private citizens. Considering this particular instant, the guns in discussion tend to be generally the personal firearms, namely the long and hand guns.  This ensuing gun control issue with regard to the US is a highly contentious one. Citizen’s right to own a firearm is encouraged and this is just expected in the US provisions by the constitution, contrary to the case in other countries’ constitutions that belong in the second Amendment, whereby guns are only owned by the police officers (Lott, 1998).

However I tend to view the issues as pertains to guns’ possession in quite a unique perspective, and this is achieved after considering that most of the people have been against the heated debate. However I tend to strongly support the possession of guns and people should be licensed to own the gadgets privately for some varied reasons. However there should also some restrictions with regard to the age at which one is allowed to own a gun, it being around twenty years and above.

One of the most apparent reasons that can be put forward to support the entire issue about gun possession is for personal security. Not once have we experienced incidences where innocent people have been murdered in cold blood while only having crude means to guard themselves against the attacker. It stands to reason that if at all citizens are allowed to own the firearms, they would be in a position to boldly face the attacker and may be some of the victims who lost their lives in the hands of murderers or any other form of killers, would have at least survived the tragedy. This is the part of the excuse about owning guns that should be considered with a lot of concern and after scrutinizing the issue, one will ultimately notice the seriousness tied up with the debate about owning of guns, affirmation of the same deserving to get much favor.

Allowing citizens to own guns will subsequently make the evil doers’ activities get a bit paralyzed. This is because the criminals are quite aware of the danger tied up with carelessly making attacks, as they will get an equal respond against their attempts. Consequently those areas which have been left behind in terms of development due to prevalence of insecurity, will start being fruitful as many investors feels secure to freely invest without having any security questions in their minds. The entire process means that there will be economic improvement which is greatly affected by investments in a given area and the chain continues, guns for security, security for a conducive investment environment for investment and finally economic development.

Another  reasonable advantage, though it may encounter critics is the fact that if citizens are allowed to own guns, this would lead to increased sales, especially when considering the military weapons manufactures, hence boosting the country’s economy. Consider at this particular instant, when only the police officers are allowed to own fire arms in most of the countries, the weapon manufactures manage meager profits from the selling of weapons. I really tend to think that an attempt to allow the private citizens own weapons would immensely contribute not only to economic development, but also creation of more job opportunities for the particular persons who are involved in all the manufacturing processes, cum other processes included in finalizing on the weapons.

It is high time that the governments realize how ignorance has cost them opportunities, trying to evade risks that could easily be dealt with. They tend to view only one side of the impacts likely face the country if at all the citizens were to allowed to own weapons, giving examples of countries where civil wars and untold suffering has been the order of the day, reason being that almost every one owns a gun in those particular countries. I do not agree with these allegations in every sense. This is just an excuse and as a matter of fact, it is easy to instill peace where everyone is ready to guard for their own peace, whether applying diplomacy or even military means. I would encourage governments to try and keenly scrutinize the advantages tied up with the issue at hand and hence let citizens own guns.

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