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K.F.C Pink Bucket Advert

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These are the words of the K.F.C advert that is supposed to help save lives of people dying of breast cancer. This is a worthy course by all standards but promoting the consumption of fried chicken the right advertising strategy for Susan Komen? Medical research has shown that fried may be one cause of cancer. Are we trying to solve one problem while creating another in the near future? I think the advert should promote the eating of healthy food such as organic vegetables. Then we would be helping reduce chances of more people getting cancer while helping save those who have breast cancer.

The campaign is about purchasing fried chicken from K.F.C who in turn will contribute 50cents towards the Susan Komen’s cure for breast cancer. The advert has elicited mixed feelings from its views. Some like it but majority are appalled that an advert seeking to raise funds to eradicate breast cancer woud promote the consumption of fried foods. In a society where majority of the people are obese should we be promoting foods that may lead to them suffering from diabetes.

The concept of raising funds through a small donation for every pink bucket is brilliant. What I do not agree on is the choice of food people are being encouraged to purchase. The advert is also simple and straight forward and its is able to capture audiences quickly. What I would chance in the advert is the food being promoted.

The target audience would remain the same. What I would be promoting is the consumption of a healthier substitute which will have numerous benefits to the consumers while contributing the much needed money for finding a cure for breast cancer.

I would change the placement of the advert. The original advert was placed on the K.F.C website.  It was also placed as a TV advert. The new advert would be placed in the website of the company endorsing the campaign that is the chain of grocery stores and farmers markets selling the organic products and contributing a fraction of the price to Susan G. Komen for cure of breast cancer. In addition it would also appear in the Susan G. Komen for cure website. The TV adverts would also continue in the usual time slots purchased.

I would change the food being promoted. I would prefer if the advert was promoting the consumption of organic vegetables and fruits. In this case Susan Komen for cure would enter into partnership with are farmers markets and grocery stores that stock organic products. It would be decided how much will be contributed for say every $10 worth of organic vegetables and fruits purchased.

The ethos in the original campaign is the need to raise funds through collective contribution when we purchase the K.F.C fried chicken.  The idea to come together to help victims of breast cancer means as a society we are choosing to be our brothers keeper. However, I feel that the support of fried foods by Susan Komen is both misleading and inappropriate. The endorsement of fast foods is wrong especially from an organization claiming to be seeking to help victims of breast cancer while promoting one of the food groups that is thought to cause cancer in the first place. In the new advert the original ethos of coming together to help victims of breast cancer will be maintained. However, the food group endorsed will be appropriate and encourage people to a healthier lifestyle.

The logos in the original advert are those of K. F. C on the pink buckets and Susan G. Komen for the cure logo. In the new advert the Susan G. Komen for cure logo would be maintained but another logo for company or organization selling the organic vegetables and fruits would be sought.

The Pathos in the original advert is the use of pity for victims of breast cancer and the need for the society to help raise funds to help the Susan G. Komen for cure charity. It appeals to people’s sense of responsibility to help eradicate one of the biggest health challenge faced by women all over the world. It is also a way of the K.F.C sense of corporate responsibility will benefit from increased sales. The pathos in the new advert will not change. It will aim at invoking the same feelings as the previous advert only this time using a healthier food group.

Though the contribution is for a worthy cause, the promotion of consumption of more fried foods in a society already under siege by the high number of obese people is both irresponsible and misleading. We should try to solve the problem of breast cancer yet create future problems such as increased cases of obesity, diabetes and other forms of cancer. My ad campaign is better because it will raise funds for Susan G. Komen for cure charity while promoting Americans to consume healthy organic products.

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