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Poetry Essay

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Receive this love with your countenance,

As you finally leave me at this moment,

Let me leave you with a promise,

You are on the right path as you think,

That all along I have been dreaming,

My optimism has faded out,

All the time during the night or day,

Whether I am in dream or not,

You have gone away,

In all happenings or perceptions,

It is usually a vision within another vision.


I am standing among the cry

Of a wave that has attacked the beach,

All I have in my possession

Is the grain of fair sand,

They are in small number, yet they crawl,

Even though my fingers are getting to the bottom,

At the same time, I cry! and cry!

Oh my God can I not get anything to hold on,

Them with a stronger grip,

One from the ruthless signs,

In all happenings or perceptions,

It is usually a vision within another vision.


Summarizing the poem makes a great difference. First the poem becomes easy to understand. One does not have to deal with the complex terms. Summary also helps to bring the finer details about the poem in itself. For example, through the summary, one can get the themes present in the poem, stylistics devices as well other information that is relevant in the poem. One can therefore, learn about the mood in the poem which also gives the setting as well as the events that the persona is going through. For example, through the summary one is able to sense that the persona is expressing some form of disappointment and anger due to the fact that he has  lost someone that he really adored. He cannot withstand the feeling of loss as he laments to God asking for a stronger grip as his support as he feels weak. In addition, through the summary, one is able understand why the poem is being referred to as the dream within a dream.

The persona is losing his lover right in front of his eyes, yet he can do nothing about it. Thus, what he is left is to question reality as he believes that this cannot be real but only a dream. More often that not, we often have dreams and we think that they are realities only to wake up and come into the fact that it was a mare dream. Thus, according to the persona, he believes that night can sometimes depicts death while the day may depicts life as during the night one may be engaged in a dream only to wake up and face the real world.

The poem puts into use a lot of imagery. Imagery entails the use of a mental picture to describe a situation. In the poem, imagery is used to represent death, anger, loss as well as disappoint. The persona does not directly depict his mood to the reader. For example, he uses the world to describe how his life has been all along. He believes that he been living with only imagination while the reality has finally dawned. Thus, it is hard to face the reality. Another form of imagery is that is that of loss, she shows how someone he loved has finally left him something he did not expect. Some one he loved is slipping from his hands. He cannot reverse the situation hence he feels defeated. The sand slipping from his fingers is an imagery that shows feeling of loss. The world is not always as it seems. The roaring ocean is also an imagery of death.

There are several themes that are evident from the poem. They include the following; frustration. The persona, Edgar depicts a sense of frustration. Moreover, the tone in the poem shows that she is somehow frustrated. Loss is another major them in the poem. He is giving her last kiss to the person she loved. She cannot believe that she is leaving after having made promises together. She believes it is a vision. There is also a sense of disappointment. He is highly disappointed in life. He goes through difficult situation in life that she wishes one time will come into reality. These include illusions as well as imaginations.

Another theme is that of unfulfilled desire. Unfulfilled desire is evident from the fact that Edgar is bidding farewell someone. He writes “And, in parting from you now”.Another evident of unfulfilled desire is from the fact that the persona is having dreams. This implies that he is just imagining things that are not there. In this case, upon coming with the reality of what is actually happening, her desire is not fulfilled. He is left in the same situation with the same problems as there before. Her desires are not fulfilled in any case. He also has a lot of material hope. In a vision and imagination, he sees someone coming and disappearing.

He is left with pain and great desire for the reality to come. He feels as if he is doomed since all is gone and nothing to hold on. He feels as if it is a human constraint that does not really come to be. Another major theme is that of anger. The mood that is depicted in the poem is that of anger. He is angry because of the happenings in his life. He feels that the world is against him. Everything is going against his desire and expectations thus; all he is left with are dreams and imaginations. It is evident that the persona has gone through some sense of loss and he is angry about the unfairness in life.

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