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Pope's Description of "Man"

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One major aspect of pope’s description of man is that related to the existence of man and God. In this case, he relates that man has a great role to play for the nature to be the way it is. According to pope, the universe always functions in a rational manner no matter how human beings view it to be. He asserts that the world may be imperfect with disturbing conditions as well as having complex processes. Despite this conditions, he attributes all the work of nature to God. The world functions in response to the natural laws that are in constant force. In addition, man has the wide view that the world was made with lots of errors that makes it to be imperfect in myriad ways. However, pope deems man to have low intellectual capability. Thus, man is always pessimistic about nature. Our mindset is also limited in the way we understand nature. This makes man to be in constant struggle with nature and hence is not able to live happy life. This is against the plan of God to man as the pope explains.

Romantic poems also explore the same aspect of human existence, the nature as well as the natural laws. In this criteria, the poems explains that man has lots similarities although there may difference in passion, reasoning as well as language. This is because of the primary laws that brings homogeneous in all human kind. This leads to development of character and personality and enables man to live together. Men also has diverse feelings, thoughts as well as passions about nature and this makes the kind of life that one lives different from that of another due to the fact that the understanding of nature is different. The poems also describe the existence of man and his creator. The poem explains how God is responsible and in control of nature and all that is within. However, there is a difference between the understanding of pope and that of romantic drama on the man’s intellectual capacity. Romantic poems suggest that the mind of man is a representation of that of God. He represents God’s consciousness. Thus mankind contributes in fulfilling the purpose of God in creation.

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