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Woman Child Trafficking

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Human trafficking is an act that involves the illegal trade in human beings for purpose of aspects such as human reproductive slavery, to be used as forced labor, commercial sex workers or a modern-day form of slavery. Girl child acting involves the trade of the feminine child illegally for the purpose of slavery or commercial sex workers. Poverty and illiteracy is the basic cause of girl child trafficking. The activity of the girl child trafficking is done via kidnapping, assaulting or voluntary by the relatives, this can be stopped by educating the public about the issue and as well as understand the victim involved in the child trafficking.

Child trafficking is a very serious crime that is greatly affected and promoted by the factor of child sex trafficking and as well as girl child exploitation as the demand for the younger and energetic generation are much in need world wide. This is a demand that arises from the male buyers who have the potential of becoming he customers of these slaves or prostitutes in the growing and expanding global industry of sex. Research shows that most of the trafficked girl children and introduced into the commercial sex industry were trafficked as children. 70% to 80% of these women have reported to have been sexually abused as children. The age at which the girl child is potential of engaging themselves into prostitution is 13 years, therefore most of the female child traffickers target this group as it seems to have the potential and at the same time it is fresh n the market. However, when asked, these prostitutes say that the activity of commercial sex was not as elf determined or personal choice.

Causes and how the Girl child trafficking is carried out.

The act of the girl child trafficking for the commercial sex purpose is very illegal and much more inhuman. Most of these children are individuals who have much potential in their life but this is taken away. Regardless on the mode at which they were trafficked, the act itself tends to end their life as they can not make rational decisions in their life no more. Child traffickers tend to focus on the young children especially those from the poor socio status backgrounds, this is due to the fact they have great assurance that the family members of the victim do not have the capability to do the search for their loved ones. In other cases as it will be discussed later in this paper, these girl children are sold by their parents as slaves or commercial sex workers or both due to factors such as poverty or lack of education and ignorance.

Due to the conditions that the victims undergo through, they are unable to go back to their home, these conditions include the far destinations that they are taken to thus making it unable to trace back their homes. Second, these victims are scared via sexual assaults and are threatened with things such as denial of basic needs and even with death in case they fail to cooperate with their traffickers or workers. Out of ignorance and lack of knowledge, most are the girl children in this situation who have nothing to do to control the situation that is out of hand for them. As a result, most of them opt to cooperate with their masters in order to survive. Finally, as time passes by, they adapt to their new environment via interactions with other trafficked commercial sex workers.

It is estimated that 700, 000 individual are trafficked annually and majority of them are women and children, the United States accumulates the biggest percentage of these victims which estimates 700, 000. The act girl child trafficking is considered to be the third most profitable activity of organized crime. Other than child prostitution, the girl child is trafficked for services such as child pornography or exploitation that include the forced labor and services, slavery, removal of major organs, early marriage, recruitment as early soldiers, recruitments in cults  and servitude among others. However, these are the minor reason for the trafficking of the girl child as the major purposes the use for prostitution. Brazil and Thailand are considered of having the highest records of the girl child trafficking records. The trafficking of children basically entails exploitation of the parents as a result if extreme poverty. In other cases, they give out their children for adoption which later result to child trafficking. Thousands of girl child are sold annually from the Asia, Africa and South America continents. They are sold mainly in the sex industry in other developed countries.

Trafficking of the female children that results as per the parents wish is mainly not direct to the parents but the traffickers use tricks and manipulates them. In a matter of fact, no parent would like to sell his or her own child for such act of slavery and prostitution despite the level of poverty. Parents are deceived by disguised children traffickers of the opportunities that are present for their children in other countries. The innocent parent and guardians are offered money and other valuables in order to give in, due to their wish to get themselves and their children out of poverty, they finally agree. Unknowingly, these female children end up being used as slaves and as commercial sex workers.

The second technique that is used in many incidents by the child traffickers includes the option of the wish of an individual to adopt a child from a family and ease their burden and on the other hand the guardian to adopt the child and bring her up as if she were her own. Many of these claim to be barren, single, childless or lonely. Innocently, the parents give away their children in hopes of better lives ahead. Little to their knowledge that the guardians are in disguise and are child traffickers, they fall in their traps.

The awareness of the girl child trafficking

The activity of child trafficking is basically illegal, due to this nature it is very impossible and inappropriate for the researchers on this issue to clearly identify the precise extent to which this industry of girl child trafficking has grown. However, the research shows that most of the trafficked children come from Asia and Africa continent. The primary source of these girl children for all purposes is in the United States and china. However, in the recent years, the most of the trafficked children have been taken to the Europe continent. In the Asia continent, the anti trafficking advocates have been in the fore front in raising this issue for the past decades. Human trafficking across borders is an issue that requires much awareness and attention.

This is due to the fact that this is an act that is illegal and largely considered to be inhuman and unethical. The OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), that is an intergovernmental association under the United Nations Agreement, is one of the leading organizations fighting the issue of the girl child and in general the  human trafficking, with an area of action that comprises North America, Russia, Europe, and Central Asia. The Council of the Europe’s Convention on deed against the girl child trafficking in other human Beings was signed by 41 Council of Europe member states and received ratification by 26 of these states (Kathryn, 2009).

Current Causes of Rise in Trafficking

The main cause for the rise in the activity of child trafficking is the generally due to the following issue sin the contemporary world. The female child trafficking business feeds on poverty, war, ignorance and despair, in the contemporary society, the globalization of the economy of the world has caused a lot of movement across different borders by different individuals. This movement of individuals is especially from the third world countries to the developed countries in search of better life. As a result, this has led to the rise of international organized crimes that take advantages of these individuals that flow freely and their money and services in order to extend their self international reach (Kathryn, 2009).

In times of aspects such as crisis and during the war in the third world countries, many are the individuals that are likely to free the affected areas in search of better lives and peace elsewhere, this is the main moment that the child traffickers take advantage of manipulating these individuals. They pretend to be from non governmental or governmental organizations from outside countries or any kind of organization that claims for instance to help the young individuals secure a better and promising future, out of desperation and ignorance, most of girl children are given to these child traffickers unknowingly and that is the last time they are ever seen. Some of the child traffickers go to an extent of carrying the operation of child trafficking via the use of force in the times of war or crisis, these children are kidnapped and abducted and later taken to other counties as slaves or for commercials sex workers.

Other factors that contribute to the rise of the trafficking of the girl child include the continuation of subordination of women in many societies; as it is a reflection in the educational, economic, work opportunities between the women and men due to the dragging economy, Many societies still favor the male child and view the girl child as an economic burden. Desperate ad poor families in some of the most disadvantaged countries sell their daughters to brothels or traffickers for the immediate payout and to avoid having to pay the dowry to marry off their girl children. The high and rising demand universal, for trafficked women and children for sex and tourism, sex workers, cheap factory labor, and domestic workers acts as catalysts to the child traffickers. Traffickers are encouraged by large tax-free profits and the continuing income from the same victims at very low risk of the trafficking operations (Sankar, 2005).

The economic factors that leads to the decision of the parents to sell of their girl child to the child traffickers is a very inhuman act on my own standpoint, its very illegal to sell someone else as a slave as the child too have human rights and the freedom of decision. The reason why this activity of child trafficking happens to bee accelerating instead of deteriorating is due to the fact that it is much profitable and with much money at hand, the child traffickers are able to bribe the border police and even are acquire fake documents such as passports, birth certificates an many others. In addition, the local police in most borders often fear revenges from criminal gangs and for that reason they find it easier to deny knowledge of any cases of child or human trafficking that has been or is in progress at any time. Many are the countries that have no specific laws that have the punishments of the illegal act of human trafficking (Osita, 2009).

Control of the Girl Child Trafficking

One of the main ways of controlling the issue of child trafficking is the education of people about the negative effects of this issue; this is done via the media in newspapers, radio and televisions. Incidents of how some of the trafficked have ended up being tortured to a point of death instead of the sweet promises that they were promised should be made aware by the government to the public. In places and countries whey the act takes place at a very high rate, meetings are supposed to be arranged and people of these societies manly in the third world countries faced by war and crisis should be educated about the negative effects of the act of child trafficking to the child, to the parents and to the dragging of the countries economy in general. The main fact that makes this method of control work is due to the fact that most of the children sold to the traffickers is usually in a situation whereby the parents or the guardians have lack of knowledge and ignorance.

Police offices at the borders are main contributors to the rise in the illegal trade of the girl child trafficking and the human trafficking in general. This is due to the bribes they receive in order to allow the traffickers to pass the borders with the trafficked child and in absence of the legal documents that one must have in order to migrate to another country. Different states should but up laws and new implementations that limit the police officers in the border from collaborating with child traffickers. This is via introduction of new rules that suppress any officer found collaborating with the child traffickers. The fact that most of the countries do not have the major or serious laws that are present in their constitution against any one who is caught in the illegal act of child trafficking.

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