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A discussion about Environmental Issue

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The economic mind of the human being has contributed primarily to environmental problems such as droughts and global warming. Droughts have resulted in the loss of both animal and human lives. Although people throughout the world devote outstanding efforts to remediate negative effects of environmental problems, there is the need to double the efforts to save the environment. This paper is a discussion about the causes, effects, and remedies for deforestation in Nicaragua forest.

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Nicaragua has a forest cover of about 7.9 million acres. However, this cover has been wearing out tremendously over the years with about 1.55% lost every year (Mongabay, 2011).The forest has suffered threats from companies that cut down trees to acquire agricultural land. Besides, corporations engage in timber logging which was escalated by the government to service the 1980 debt crises.

Although proceeds from the agriculture and timber logging boost the economy, cutting down of trees has had its adverse effects too. In 2007, Hurricane Felix submerged around 15% of the forest. This led to loss of life and made the forest inaccessible to the local communities that depend on it for food. Besides, the floods displaced the indigenous people out of their homes. The area continues to experience destructive drought and El Nino rains today.

To curb deforestation, the government is trying to tame logging by regulating the timber industry. However, illegal logging by private companies is rampant today due to corruption in the government (Contreras-hermosilla, 2011, p. 169). The companies also engage in carbon trading by planting trees to stop global warming. Moreover, schools, youths and community with the aid of forestry institutes have formed campaigns to plant trees.

In conclusion, Nicaragua tropical forests are suffering immense deforestation as people cut trees to acquire timber and agricultural land. This has had negative effects such as mudslides and intense flooding caused by hurricanes which rendered people homeless and hungry. However the government agencies, schools and the community have come together to curb the situation by planting more trees. However, logging is still a threat to date.

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