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Effects of Global Warming

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Step 1: Is the Economic Stimulus passed in January 2009, working.

The economic stimulus, which was passed in January 2009 by the president of United States, had an objective of creating jobs between 3 million and 4 million by the end of 2010. It also had an objective of reducing the number of individuals who were unemployed. Unfortunately this has so far not worked instate it was a projection not a promise as reported by the administration. Also on the causes of global warming, the bill is required to reduce a 20% cut on the amount of carbon dioxide by the year 2020. It is also suppose to devote significant resources to a major global effort to reduce deforestation adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Considering all this objectives especially towards the reduction of global warming, the bill has not been working to its objectives. This is because of the major opposing viewpoints on the effects of global warming. One of the opposing viewpoints include if the bill will be beneficial to the society or not. As per the director of the center for global-food issues, Dennis Avery, he states that a warmer earth results to a formation of a large forests and a decrease of climate-related disasters. At the time, when temperatures increase, by an amount, which is currently forecasted, it is argued that this warming has a favorable impact on the world’s population. There will be also an increase in the food production and a healthier human population. Global warming can, in fact, be beneficial to stimulate crop expansion and eliminate colds in most parts of the region.

Another effect of global warming will is that it will be detrimental to humanity. Gar Smith who is a winner in the alternative press award and a chief editor of the earth island journal gives a statement in this viewpoint that global warming will be a factor in destabilize humanity and the environment. This will be a cause in the dramatic increase, in extreme weather (EW). This extreme weather includes such events like deadly floods, powerful storms, and droughts, which are already wreaking havoc across the globe. According to Smith, he predicts of uncontrolled global warming which will force the redesign of industry, the resettlement of populations and, disruption of economies worldwide. There will be changes in the water patterns in various places in that the intensified cycles of water will encourage severe droughts and floods in various regions, in the world.

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