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Environment's Condition

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The 21st century has brought us a lot of facilities. Being tired of monthly cleaning the house? Robotic vacuum cleaner will do everything instead of you. Having some issues with your computer? Nobody wants to waste time searching weird information on how desktops work. Just call certified technicians and they will fix your device remotely. Finally, shopping has become as it has to be. Open up your laptop, order everything you need via Internet, and flying drones will deliver all the necessary goods down to a threshold of your house. At last, we can take a comfortable sit in front of our TV sets having a rest we have deserved so far. Who cares for such a health problem as overweight? Modern medicine knows how to do the magic. Wish to have extra finger or bigger stomach? Scientists will grow it up and get it attached to your body in a perfect way. After all, we create our own destiny.

Nature already stepped aside with its illusory omnipotence. Who really cares what Green Peace is talking about? Have you ever felt any influence of global warming? I have not. But I can surely say that I feel the influence of my freezer while drinking chilled coke or my microwave when I am eating pizza nearby it. It is well-known all over the world that exhaust gases spoil the ozone layer above the globe. Have a look at the past. Our ancestors could not even imagine crossing fifteen thousands miles a day. If we need to choose between a bicycle and car, the latter will surely win the competition. We are not slaves to push pedals while riding Medieval-like double-wheeled mechanisms.

Sometimes, we come across the information about gradual extinction of some species deep inside Brazilian forests. As usual, people even canmot pronounce their names correctly and have no idea how these species look like. That is how evolution works. Some animals become extinct and some appear. We do not have to be worried about it. “Life will find a way”, as it was told in the famous movie Jurassic Park (Spielberg). We have a lot of stuff which is much more important than dying frogs somewhere in Amazonia. Frogs will not tell me Super Bowl's final score. But Google will do that for me; after that, it will advise me how to get to the nearest pub. That is an evolution. That is how we have improved the quality of our life.

TV news has been constantly telling about climatic changes, which cause droughts and floodings around the globe. These weather conditions have resulted in mass starvation in poverty-stricken countries. I do not believe in those fairy tales, because as far as I know, there are more that 35 thousand of McDonald's restaurants upon this planet. Therefore, it is impossible for a person anywhere not to get Big Mac whatsoever.

To conclude, the human race has come through thousands of cataclysms and nature disasters within its history. The only authentic fact is as follows: humanity is still alive, we still live on this planet, and we are the dominating species on the Earth. Our intelligence is a next step in the Earth's evolution. This is just the beginning. Humanity will get to Mars in ten or fifteen years. We have already built a big hadron collider where scientists are working on something unknown, but definitely very crucial for our society. Our consciousness has already got beyond the old-fashioned idea of people's life. It is a natural selection. The greatest English naturalist Charles Darwin, who created the theory of human’s origin, had a splendid opinion pertaining to the existence, “One general law, leading to the advancement of all organic beings, namely, multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die” (126).

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