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ISO & Coke

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ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized Environment Management System certificate confirming the company’s compliance with international environmental management regulation. The certification was first established in 1996 and it outlines the requirements for an effective environmental management system which has to be established in an organization. The company is required to pay a fixed charge determined by its annual turnovers. The certification applies to all the environmental factors that are under the influence of the company and those in which are in control of the company, (Markel, 2008).

All India Division are now ISO certified. On attaining ISO 14001 certification, Coca cola has demonstrated its efficiency in management of their environmental duties responsibly in accordance with the regulations of proper environmental management. In India, all the 25 bottling plants of the division have attained the certification. This shows that the management of the plants and all the employees are totally committed and are compliant with the applicable regulatory standards.   

The company started its quest for the certification in February 2002 and in January 2003, the Bidadi plant near Bangalore in the southern State of Karnataka was the first plant to be awarded the certification. The compliance of the division with eKO system ensured that the bottling plants were at par with standards and criteria of the ISO auditors. It took only 15 months for the certifying agency Dett Norske Veritas to complete its audit and grant Patna plant in eastern State of Bihar. This ensured that every plant in the company held the coveted certificate.

As a result of this, the environment management system has promoted conservation of resources, increase in productivity as well as reduction of wastages. The company is now in the process of ensuring that all the entire franchisee owned bottling plants attain the certification,(Markel, 2008).


ISO certification of a company confirms its compliance with international standards and regulations. Coca cola is a company that embraces high standards, and attaining ISO 14001 certification is confirms their unwavering commitment to compliance with international environmental standards.

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