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The Recycling Business and the Environment

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Recycling of waste materials is a phenomenon that has gained a considerable support in the world today. The idea of recycling waste product came into being as a result of adverse effect and imbalance on the ecosystem caused by the waste. Many entrepreneurs have recently ventured into the lucrative business of turning recycling waste materials into useful products. This move has been successful in reducing the nuisance of waste materials in the environment. Some of the waste that are currently recycled include the plastic materials, waste water, waste mental equipments and to some extent few electronic goods. However many scholars and business entrepreneur do believe that recycling is not the best solution to the problem of increased waste generation. Effective policies need to be adopted to reduce the problem and this includes mechanism put in place to reduce or minimize the generation of waste in all the sectors of the economy.

Recycling of some wastes

Water recycling

According to Spoolman (p206) the threatening increase of world population, the looming food shortage and the increase in industrial activities, water has been regarded as a valuable resource. Many countries have revised the way water is used. Great emphasis has been in the way used water is managed. The government of United States for instance has created a clear policy on waste water management and usage. In actuality, more and more companies in various industries especially in the semiconductor industry are making significant efforts to recycle their waste water. This has been a beneficial move as many companies have managed to cut down the cost of production hence making more profits (Hale, p12).

Metals and plastic recycling

Minerals such as diamond, silver, lead and iron are on the verge of depletion. Recycling products made from these minerals has provided some solution to this impending danger (Blair, p16). For instance recycling of precious metals such as the gold, silver and palladium has turned out to be lucrative business as entrepreneurs tap the lower cost of already used metal s to moulds new products that fetch a lot of money in the market. People all over the world have ventured into plastic waste recycling. Some of the products that have been made from the recycling of such waste include toys, Vehicle parts, Bags and other electronic parts. Recycling of polythene waste has not only significant impact on the business venture but helps to reduce environment degradation caused by their non biodegradability nature.

Business benefits of recycling

Pennel (p48) believes that recycling at work is the greatest way of increasing business sustainability and helping reducing climatic changes. Enhancement of the company’s image is one such benefit. This helps to attract the more employees and customers to the company. Recycling increases the customer’s loyalty as customers like getting associated with companies that behaves in an environmentally friendly way. This goes hand in hand with the increased employees morale as the same employees fee comfortable to work in clean and conserved environment. Have companies have also adopted recycling as a cost effective measure of cutting down the cost of production. This is because; recycled products are reused in the same company. It should be agreed that recycling at work is easy to do as the process starts immediately at the office level where waste to be recycled is separated from other waste.


In conclusion Blair (p76) strongly believes that recycling of waste product has turned out to be big business in the world today. Today at least ten percent of the products consumed in the world today are from recycling. This has resulted into a business boom that has seen generation of Billions of dollars. However due permanent and adverse effect caused by some non recycled wastes such as the nuclear waste, government all over the world have a mandate of formulating policies to regulate the product of such waste. These policies may include total burn on the manufacture of certain product or employment of mechanism that will lower the production of waste.

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