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Diabetes can be inherited or acquired. The acquired diabetes can develop as the result of wrong nutrition. Among the main causes of diabetes is a very little amount of insulin because of the beta cells’ destruction that produce insulin in the pancreas (Brill 28). In this way, the immune system of the body annihilates the beta cells. Another reason of diabetes is the inability of the body to produce a sufficient amount of insulin as a compensation for the weakened capability of using insulin.

Signs and Symptoms

Some symptoms of diabetes are not clear enough, but among the typical visible symptoms of diabetes is an abnormal change in weight. An individual may suffer from obesity or rapid weight loss. The next symptom is the frequency of urinating, which noticeably increases. Being thirsty often is another sign of diabetes (Wass & Owen 255). Besides, the deterioration of eyesight is the sign that indicates diabetes. People who suffer from this disease also feel constant fatigue. In addition, their bruises and cuts can heal very slowly. Finally, such signs as numbness or even pain in feet and hands can become another sign of diabetes.

Epidemiology and Prevalence

More than 29 million people in the US suffer from diabetes. This, in fact, is more than 9% of the country´s population. 21 million people were diagnosed for diabetes, while more than 8 million people were undiagnosed. There were also 86 million cases of diagnosed prediabetes. One can state that the percentage is very high. Out of 29 million people who suffer from diabetes, almost 12% is represented by the senior population.

Diagnostic Testing

The most popular tests focused on diagnosing diabetes are the Fasting Plasma Glucose Test, the Casual Plasma Glucose Test, the Hemoglobin A1 Test, the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, and the Blood Glucose Test (Leslie et al. 232). In addition, there are a lot of other tests with the same objective. However, they are not very popular. Due to its affordable price, the Fasting Plasma Glucose Test is preferred by many patients and medical workers. This test is very easy and convenient, and does not require much time. The Blood Glucose Test is not so convenient, because it requires that an individual not to eat during 8 hours before the test. The most trustworthy test is the Glucose Tolerance Test, since it is used when the results of other tests show that a person has only risks or symptoms of diabetes.

Current Medical Treatment

The treatment of diabetes depends on its type. For instance, pumps, inhalations and injections are typical for type 1 diabetes, since there is a need to deliver the required amount of insulin into the organism. For type 2 diabetes, patients must follow a strict diet and do physical exercises to control their weight. In some cases of type 2 diabetes, additional measures may be required. Consequently, there is a need for additional medical treatment and supervision. In particular circumstances, people who suffer from type 2 diabetes may need insulin deliverance as well (Merlin 103). One of the most modern ways to control the amount of insulin and blood sugar in organism is inhaled insulin, which has an ultra rapid effect. This type of insulin was approved in 2014.


The prognosis can still be improved by the means of proper blood sugar control. As one can see, the survivability of people who suffer from diabetes is rather high. However, this rate can still be improved. All that is needed in order to achieve this goal is a proper treatment and constant control of blood sugar (Fonseca 314). This, in fact, is not only the task of medical workers, but also the task of patients.

Public Recommendation

As a result, the research shows various aspects of diabetes. Of course, this disease is very dangerous due to the fact that it leads to some health problems that can, in turn, cause a fatal end. The immune system is supposed to protect the body from this disease by detecting and destroying its virus. However, in case of diabetes, the immune system attacks the cells of the body. The reasons behind this biology are some factors that include resistance to insulin. As a result, the liver, muscles and fat cells cannot use insulin in a proper way.

Considering the number of deaths caused by diabetes, one can state that this disease is the leading one in the United States. 90% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes is type 2 diabetes, while the remainder is type 1 diabetes (Barnett 78). Diabetes is among the most dangerous causes of deaths. People who suffer from diabetes have double risk of dying prematurely than people who do not suffer from this disease. People who suffer from type 1 diabetes die before they are 40 years old in 15% of cases. Diabetes leads to some serious illnesses, such as heart disease, kidney failure, and diabetic ketoacidosis, which, in turn, may lead to death.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to eat healthy food and exercise more in order to avoid the possibility of diabetes. In fact, it is up to an individual to follow at least some rules of a proper and healthy lifestyle. An individual must understand that his/her health mainly depends on him/her.

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