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Effects of Fast Food on Health

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Fast food is the modern style of feeding in all ages ranging from two years to sixty years old. However it is highly loaded with calories from refined fats and sugar in the artery-clogging saturated and hydrogenated fat, that are repeatedly heated to high temperatures for the frying purposes. The topic is pertinent to research on and provides fundamental information on the food related issues. Fast foods have been viewed as the easiest way to dieting because of the readymade food. It has posed some threats to human health. Fast food therefore has challenges to human health and may have unexpected illnesses at different ages. It is also high in sodium that come from common salt and additives. In addition, fast food is deficient in dietary fibre and important micro-nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Research Questions

  • What are the effects of first foods on human health?
  • How does fast food affect the cooking and eating behaviour of individuals?
  • Is fast food benefits of first foods in enhancing nutritional content of a meal?
  • What causes the change from whole diets to fast foods among households?


Research Plan

The research plan entails the initial conceptualization of the research topic to be studied. The topic is refined and it is followed by the development of the proposal writing. Upon approval or modification of the proposal, literature review is undertaken from academic and up to date resources. This is then followed by development of questionnaires. Data collection both secondary and primary sources of data is performed then analyzed. Discussions of data analysis is undertaken with key findings and results being presented in the research report.




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