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Health Care Perspectives in the USA

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Healthcare occupies an important place in the American society. With the progress of technological tools and implementation of new medical policies, the healthcare can reach a higher level in providing services and treatment to the US citizens. Therefore, this paper will discuss the heath care perspectives in the USA.

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The implementation of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act ensured access to high-quality medical treatment for many Americans. In the future, this medical reform is to cover all groups of the population. The US government realized that one of the major problems of the health care was high price of medical insurance and decided to lower it. In my opinion, it is the right strategy to improve the quality of health care and make it accessible for people, especially to those with low income. That is why, from my perspective, the future of healthcare is promising.

In addition, the development of technological tools largely contributes to the healthcare accessibility. Since many people with physical disability have problems with reaching the physician, medical apps could help to establish diagnosis or to measure the level of sugar. I strongly believe the in the future, the implementation of technologies in the healthcare system will save the lives of patients who are not able to reach the hospital.

The social movements are the small or big groups of people who try to resolve the specific issue related to the healthcare or any other social area. For example, the Psychiatric Survivors Movement demonstrates the problems and needs of people who were patients in the psychiatric hospitals (Banaszak-Holl, Levitsky & Zald, 2010, p.143). Due to a large number of people with mental health problems, the particular movement is highly important for the society because it strives for providing proper care and rehabilitation to such patients.

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To conclude, the future of the healthcare is promising because the government understood the main problems of the healthcare. The implementation of technology in healthcare will help save the lives of patients who cannot reach the doctor. The social movements help to attract the attention of the government to severe issues of the society.

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