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Health Information Exchange Organization

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Health information exchange in Virginia (HIE) helps to connect patients with health providers. HIE gives the access to the patients’ health-related information to the authorized users, and this information is typically kept in multiple organizations, upheld with the information integrity that is being exchanged. It can be a regional, that is, a community-based, statewide or bigger exchange that assists the information electronic exchange between different providers.

The State of Virginia is well known as the one providing most efficient and effective healthcare for its citizens. The main goal of Virginia HIE is the utilization of health information technology in order to improve Virginian health care system. In recent years, a lot has been done and accomplished for the HIE foundation and its technology – intense planning period, policy, development of the specials programs in Commonwealth. This state is now widely known as one of the leaders in this field and has portfolio of programs and projects implemented that are oriented to address and identify health issues by their priority for the Commonwealth. Virginia also has been participating actively in national HIT collaborations and initiatives.

The State of Virginia has nurtured both administrative and medical exchange. It has two participants in the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) Trial Implementation – CareSpark and MedVirginia. The participant that remains the first and the only in production for HIE is MedVirginia, and through the partnership with NHIN and Social Security Administration (SSA) it automates the determination process of disability and considers the ultimate production-level of NHIN-CONNECT gateway exchange. CareSpark participant is now implementing SSA processes. The State of Virginia has a big representation on the Privacy Collaboration (HISPC) and Health Information Security. Virginia was chosen the only one of the twelve U.S. communities to participate in the demonstration of electronic health record (HER).

The stakeholder organizations, citizens and leaders of the Virginia Commonwealth have the same vision for the Health Information Exchange so that health service providers and consumers are empowered for making good decisions. These decisions are built on timely, secure, comprehensive, easy-accessible and accurate information. This conception was articulated and defined through the process of consensuses and was simplified by HITAC Communications Committee members.

In order to sustain and foster trust, information sharing and collaboration have been implemented for the customers, purchasers and health services providers in the Commonwealth of Virginia State, thus leading to the proper improvement in cost-effective service delivery and outcomes.

The vision and mission will be publicly introduced through implementing of the planned course, among them developing relevant websites, making presentations and printed materials of HITAC and different stakeholder organizations, that will increase support, awareness and effort engagement.

The strategy for increasing and developing HIE in Virginia has several principals:
Project timelines coordinating HIE related projects and approaches of implementation whenever it is possible;
Building upon public and private sector efforts avoiding duplications in the process;
Utilizing approaches combinations in stakeholder landscape in order to solicit outcomes and input information for the different vectors of improvement.

When all the principals are implemented, it will improve statewide the HIE services on the speed of patient care, especially for the ones who have physician care, not the primary care. Additionally, it will provide services like the State Government Gateway connection, the Advanced Directive Registry connection and the Virginia Health Exchange Network connection as well. All these aspects make the HIE system in the State of Virginia one of the most correct and professional in the United States.

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