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Nursing research

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The data collection is the third step of the research process of the study. The fact that it focuses on the research questions that directly relate to nursing practice makes it effective. It is evident that the data collection methods are determined by the research questions connected with the problem under analysis, thereby developing the latter. In this respect, the data collection instructions provided in the chapter are essential for ensuring the successful accomplishment of the research objectives.

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The analysis of the study is viewed as the forth step of the research process. The chapter plays an important role in reflecting the critical investigation and interpretation of the study results. Most of the data used in this section remains reserved until the end of the data collection procedure. The data analysis procedure is carried out in a qualitative or quantitative study (Rebar et al., 2011). It provides an approach for examining the literature on the problem. In this case, the analysis procedure is crucial to the research process since it refutes expert opinions. The results are also essential as they can be used in the formation of recommendations.

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The implications of the study are clearly stated in the research problem of the document (Rebar et al., 2011) and are related to the object under investigation. They form either a theoretical or an empirical rationale for the hypothesis. The study examines the theoretical or empirical rationale of the established findings. The implications of the research play an essential role in making informed decisions about the future of the problem under analysis. As a result, the research implications determine the need for further investigation based on the received data.

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