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Nursing Theorist

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Nursing theorists make a great contribution to the development of knowledge in the sphere. Florence Nightingale theory appeals to me because it is a valuable model for the preparation of administrative and teaching staff. Her contribution to this profession is incredible. Florence Nightingale was the first theorist who worked on the foundation of modern nursing.

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Nightingale has applied the scientific method to solving problems of nursing for the first time in history. She was also a pioneer who created a range of diseases and the scheme for hospital reporting. Her book Diary of Resignation: What It Is and What Should not Be contains thoughtful observation and interpretation of patients’ symptoms, which introduced the basis for nursing care (Selanders & Crane, 2012).

In addition, Nightingale paid the great attention to nurses’ duties and produced the idea of their continuous training. Florence is known as a theorist who divided nurses’ work into two isolated areas such as nursing and care of healthy people. Admittedly, she identified “healthcare” as the maintenance of a disease-free state of individuals where the illness could not occur. She also determined the ways to live a healthy life (Selanders & Crane, 2012).

Florence Nightingale suggested that nursing care should impact on a comfortable environment for the patient’s well-being, i.e. the best hygienic conditions for the maintenance of the disturbed functions (Alligood, 2013). She believed that nurses should rely on the changing phenomena such as cleanliness, light, heat, fresh air, food, and water in their practice. Nightingale also suggested that specific knowledge, skills, and values had a paramount importance in their work. Due to her theory, I was able to choose the right focus of my nursing care, i.e. a favorable environment and promotion of health to the entire community.

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To sum up, Florence Nightingale contributed to the nursing profession. Her knowledge and personal experience became the foundation for this occupation. For the first time in history, she applied the scientific method to solving the problems of nursing. Therefore, she is considered a number one theorist of this sphere in the world.

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