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Psychology: Fatherhood

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Fatherhood is a great idea to the male gender and society as a whole in his article, “Five steps towards becoming a better Dad.” Suhaim Webb says, “The role of the father in the life of his child is paramount.” He father explains in that ,“Fatherhood is a great honor representing ones ability to pass on the prophetic legacy to his offspring,” (Al-Muslimeen, 4). Here five steps are given that helps one effectively play his role as father. The first step emphasizes love to a wife, the second step calls for one to have integrity, the third step highlights the importance of the spending time with children, and the fourth step shows out the role a father plays in modeling his child and lastly the role of a father in initiating healthful communication in a family.


Despite the claims that are forwarded in most societies that modern fathers play a lesser role in bringing up there off springs the facts that are available proves that many children have biological fathers who treats them well and provides basic needs as well as social and psychological security. However, in the modern society there are people who experience negative effects of a bad relationship with one's father due to generational differences while others suffer because of having an absent father. In some cases, fathers can be physically present but cannot be emotionally felt (Oprah, 5).

Social initiatives have been launched by celebrities specifically Oprah Winfrey and the National father hood initiative to help mitigate the conflicts associated with fatherhood through social sharing. The dimensions of warmth and responsiveness and control are core tools of fatherhood.


The role played by a father is very essential in a child’s life; initiatives should be encouraged to strengthen the relationship of father-child through the social interactions both at home, through media and in classes (Coates, 6). Though the research carried out in classes shows that use of the F-word in classes is received with negative attitudes, proper handling of this issue in class interactions with the teacher will help the child to change the attitude.

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