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Therapeutic Response to a Depressive Patient

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Depression is a common disorder with substantial mortality rate when not handled correctly. However, the therapeutic response can have various effects depending on how the individuals use them. The appearance of the desirable and remarkable effect on a depressive patient that comes as a result of medical treatment is what can be described as therapeutic response. This essay focuses on the therapeutic response to a depressive patient.

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According to Kenny and Williams (2007), the individuals engaging in the repetitive and passive thinking about their symptoms of depression tend to aggravate the same symptoms. Therefore, the patient who complains of being tired must have indulged in excessive thinking. This aspect suggests that the patient might be suffering from an acute major depression. In patients receiving antidepressants for acute major depression, the initial therapeutic response is usually delayed for several weeks (Hales, Yudofsky, & Gabbard, 2008). For instance, the mindfulness-based cognitive therapy would be the most suitable therapeutic response for this particular patient. The significant objective of this therapeutic response is to train the patient to disengage from the cognitive processes that might make him vulnerable to the oncoming depression.

What can be added to the treatment plan of the patient is the application of psychotherapy. This program will assist the patient to relieve his current emotional burden. It will also help the patient to understand his condition and accept the necessary treatment. Supportive care can also make the patient avoid over-thinking about the situation hence controlling depression.

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In conclusion, the therapeutic response to a mentally depressed patient entails managing his cognitive issues before they become physically expressed. If the symptoms are severe, the patient can address a psychiatrist who will evaluate the necessary treatment. It would also be liberal to explain the patients that they are not the only ones suffering from the particular symptoms. This aspect will facilitate acceptability that would be significant in treating the acute depression.

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