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Treating Schizophrenia

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Despite the fact that there exists no instant remedy for schizophrenia, people are able to recover. Every experience with schizophrenia is different and, therefore, each patient’s way of recovering is also unique. What may work well for one patient may not do the same for another. It is important, therefore, to know about all the treatment alternatives available in order to choose the most appropriate one (Dean, 2009).

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In comparison to the antipsychotic medications learnt earlier, nowadays, there are some alternative treatments of schizophrenia disorder. In case of schizophrenia treatment, medications are almost always compulsory. However, they are not always enough. It is important to seek for the resources, such as vocational training, talking therapies, counseling, social and living employment rehabilitation procedures, and living arrangements, which may be significant at the various instances of recovery (Dean, 2009). It is also quite important for the patients, health providers and family members to make decisions jointly concerning the treatment methods.

Social and living employment rehabilitation skills training are effective alternatives, which enable the patients with schizophrenia to get some new skills required for living without help (Barlow et al, 2005). Social and living employment rehabilitation skills training can be used by the patients and groups. They provide opportunities for them to acquire the knowledge they might not have developed due to the life circumstances and the skills that were reduced or lost due to the disabling impacts of schizophrenia. Therefore, this makes patient’s functioning more effective. This alternative treatment is approved by the schizophrenia professionals as it assists their patients in empowerment, hope, self-efficacy, and responsibility. It is a touchstone for their recovery with an assumption that the method will bring positive results and benefits for the patients (Barlow et al., 2005).

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