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Computer Creates Jobs

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Recently, people have invented new things so as to improve society’s efficiency, by innovating technology. One of this technological inventions is computers, which has developed rapidly recently. They are capable of doing a lot of things that man is unable to do and hence replaces peoples’ occupations. Computer industry was started, which a prosperous substance in history.

People claim that computers took away many jobs. Computers are capable of calculating faster and do other things better than man. They are used in many instances that shows how they have changed the way we work such as in supermarket whereby they count the bills and self-check which scan the commodities. Schools are using computers in the library to organize the many books. Banks also use this machine in order to manage the large amount of money. Many companies are using computers to trade by sending emails when buying and selling stocks.

Consequently, automated management decreases the range of hiring people since computers are doing the tasks efficiently and hence replacing the labors. It is possible that it has caused unemployment making people believe that it has a negative result. I disagree with this and in fact, they expand jobs and are widely used and so one is able to get the job anywhere.

Some of the occupations are those related to computer engineering in the field of either software or hardware engineering. This requires a bachelor degree since it requires professionals. Right now, according to computer industries these people are few and therefore cannot feel these industries. This implies that it is possible that computer industries are deep and their market is so big. Once a person with this ability is hired, it is possible for the company to promote him and when he gets a higher position other new people can replace him since they are few. Alternatively, those people with this ability may start their own companies and many people are going to be hired.

In conclusion, it is true to say that computer industries help many people get jobs rather than increasing unemployment. This is because the employment of computer programmers and software engineers are more than other occupation according to. This has attracted many people to study in this field.

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