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Cover Letter for Serving the Department in the Capacity of a Counselor

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Dear Mr. Charlie:

I formally submit this letter requesting your consideration and subsequent decision concerning my desire to serve your company’s Counseling and Psychotherapy Department in the capacity of a Counselor. I am an individual who completed my degree in Degree in Masters of Art (Counseling) from Prairie View A & M University and is constantly striving to develop myself in order to learn and grow through exposure to quality counseling. It is on the backdrop of this that I make this request.

Having a very strong training in counseling, I am proficient in Criminal Justice and Corrections with a fine grasp of its practicability. Nevertheless, I am a quick learner who’s able to follow instructions promptly and precisely. As a professional counselor, I highly value the trust placed on me and fully understand the significance attached to my roles thus I endear myself to exercising a high degree of due diligence and skill in execution of my roles.

I have attached my curriculum vitae which will shed more light on my qualification and experience. I will greatly appreciate an opportunity for a discussion on how I can be of a continuing benefit to your organization.

I look forward to an affirmative response.

Yours faithfully,

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