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Developing Long Term Strategies Project

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Please use the following table to respond to the questions within the Week 5 assignment. 






Question #1




A long term strategy will help me to achieve my career goals because it is a valuable tool. The long term career strategy will combine multiple facets that will help me achieve my career objectives. They set the stage that will enable me to come up with action plans that will address the issues that must be met. They contain concepts that are broad. These concepts will be used to develop detailed plans. This helps to set the boundaries of tactics and actions that I can employ so that I can achieve a goal. As a result I will be focused on succeeding in my career. along term career strategy is important because it will give me a guide of where I want to go since all I will have to do is follow the plan. The strategy will give me something to look forward every time I go to work. It will also help me to stay on top of my work, keeping me motivated  hence becoming a better worker



Question #2



Information technology technician


My responsibilities include maintenance of computers both hardware and software


Permanent employment


Expected salary of $1500 per month

Question #3



Head of I.T department


Overseeing that all technical information experts work efficiently


After 3 years


$3500 per month


Obtain at least a higher diploma in human resource management

Obtain a degree in any related field.



Question #4



Managing director


-To oversee the overall management of the company

-Ensuring that there is coordination between the various departments in the company

-Maintain good relations between employees and stakeholders and wider community


10 years


$12,000 per month


At least a degree course in human resource management and a master’s degree in information technology.



Question #5



For me to advance in my career, I need to always be acquiring knowledge on the fields that my career lies in. this will enable to gain the knowledge that proficiency in management requires. Experience is also another factor as this will enable me to have an insight into how things in an organization are done. Therefore, for me to progress, I need to be patient enough so that I can gain know how that is required to lead in an organization. Through this, I have also learnt that in career development, self awareness plays a major role. It is self awareness that will define what success means to me since as I work, I will have set goals and objectives. Another lesson I have learnt is that in order for me to get to where I want to be in future, I need to have a clear strategy plan as it will make my journey much smoother






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