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Director of Online Marketing and Web Deveplopment

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I have a very strong interest in pursuing an online marketing and web development career. Having contributed to the growth and success of different organizations as a Webmaster and Internet Development Specialist for more than eight years, I am in quest of new challenges with a company in need of an employee with exceptional hands-on experience, skills and excellent management abilities. Taking challenges that energize and enable me actualize my keen interest in seeing goals to their completion, is my greatest strength.

As confirmed by the resume enclosed herewith, my work experience and skills includes programming, internet programming, design, database, multimedia, networking, online marketing and e-commerce. One of my greatest assets is to formulate, develop and implement internet and Web related technological solutions designed to be profitable. Credited with drastically impacting outcome effectiveness wherever I have worked, I excel at streamlining online marketing and Web development to advance productivity and turnover.

I am certain that my years of achievement and in-depth knowledge of the industry would be of value to your organization. I would like to meet with you to demonstrate that along with my credentials, I have the personality and horsepower to make a difference in your organization. Be assured your time investment will be amply repaid.

Yours Sincerely,

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