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Do I Want to Work in a Prison

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Correctional officers are those individuals who are responsible for overseeing that arrested individuals and who are waiting trial or those who have been convicted and sentenced in jail, reformatory or penitentiary for a specific term are taken care of as stipulated (Occupational outlook handbook). This essay will discuss my thoughts and opinions about this career of working in a prison as a correctional officer and its pros and cons.

Correctional officers

The work of a correctional officer is mainly to maintain law and order for those individuals who have been convicted or imprisoned. These state officers have no jurisdiction outside the prisons. These officers are meant to ensure that inmates are orderly and obey rules regardless of the setting. There job is sometimes very risky as they deal with all types of criminals and as sometimes they are supposed to search inmates for drugs or weapons. Theirs is to me, a job that is being more of a prisoner than an officer (Occupational outlook handbook). But again, these officers really feel proud when they see that through them, the societies we live in are save and that the law breakers are counseled and shown how to live positively and normally with other members of society.   

Cons of working as a state officer

  • They have to spend some considerable time from their families when training
  • After training, they are usually subject to the busiest shift
  • The job is a soul sucking one, brutal things at work and being abused by inmate that may even cause depression
  • These officers rarely do attend important family meetings or holidays like Christmas because they are mostly on duty (Riggs, L. 2007).

Pros of working as a state officer

  • The state of family’s health is well covered by the state and also dental insurance is covered at a low or no fee at all.
  • As long as the officer shows up for work and is disciplined, s/he is guaranteed of her/his job.
  • These officers receive adequate sick and vacation times as a state corrections officer. The time off increase with the increase in number of years an officer has been working (Riggs, L. 2007).

I do not mind working in prison as a correction officer.  State corrections officers have a very difficult job, but they greatly help to keep our communities and families safe and could want to be part of that. Being a state corrections officer definitely has its advantages and drawbacks. It is not the job for everyone, but it may be the right job for me.

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