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Hidden Job Market

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In a competitive job environment, being the best calls for the use of efficient strategies to get a job. With many jobs remaining unadvertised, I am confident of getting a job by using the following strategies.

a) Creating a networking profile. With networking sites like LinkedIn providers employers with a place to recruit employees, I intend to create personal profile that will link me to potential employer. Hopefully, this page will act as a pull factor and direct employers to me.

b) Volunteering is a strategy that can allow me to get employed. With a prospective employer in mind, I am confident that volunteering can help me show case my skills. Hopefully, the employer will consider giving me a job once they have an opening.

II. Maintain is a strategy that calls for the use of network contacts. At the moment, I have a number of contacts who can help me tap the hidden job market.

a) The names of the contacts are Time Pruit, Anthony George, Warner Randal, Lee Harvey and Jim Cox.

b) I know most of the contacts in terms of where they work and for some, where they live. I meet most of them from time to time.

c) These contacts are useful in a number of ways. I am sure they can let me know of unadvertised jobs, recommend me for a job opening and give me tips on latest industry trends.

III. According to Rask, an informational interview is useful in obtaining information about a particular job of choice. Given the importance of this tool, I schedule an interview with Anthony George. This is the transcript of my informational interview with George.

Me: George thanks for accepting my request for this informational interview. To start us off,           what are some of the qualification for a Dialysis Center Manager?

George. Thanks for the question. Dialysis center manager must have a degree in healthcare and           other skills in planning, organizing, leading and directing.

Me. What are you typical workday?

George: I work for 4 days a week with the rest being my off days.

Me: Can you mention something about your compensation?

George: I receive a salary of about $67,000 per year.

Me: What benefits are you entitled?

George: As a dialysis center manager, I have health benefits and other allowances that I receive.

Me: Lastly, does your job have any opportunity for advancement.

George: Good question Kenda. With more experience and skills, I can advance to a hospital manger.

Me: Thanks so much for your time.

George: You are most welcome and all the best in your job hunt.

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